Season 3

Episode Guide

Baby Got Back

S3 E1
Jul 16, 2013
The artists create single-needle tattoos for inmates in their first Flash Challenge, and canvases seek cover-ups in the elimination challenge.

Thrills for Grills

S3 E2
Jul 23, 2013
The artists team up to create customized grills for lowrider cars, canvases sit for gory tattoos, and NFL star Chris Johnson joins the panel as a guest judge.

Fire and Lace

S3 E3
Jul 30, 2013
The artists test their texture skills in a sexy Flash Challenge, a difficult canvas leads to a second elimination, and tattoo veteran Tony Hundahl joins as a guest judge.

Elysium Challenge

S3 E4
Aug 6, 2013
The artists must assemble their own tattoo machines before tattooing bar codes onto their canvases, and tattoo machine innovator Seth Ciferri joins as a guest judge.

Baby Beatdown

S3 E5
Aug 13, 2013
The artists tackle tattooing over scarred skin in the Flash Challenge, a canvas asks for a Day of the Dead portrait of Tatu Baby, and artist Chuey Quintanar is a guest judge.

Animal Instinct

S3 E6
Aug 20, 2013
The artists transform models into animals in the Flash Challenge, and veteran tattoo artist Troy Denning judges the artists' Asian-style tattoos in the elimination challenge.

Monumental Mistakes

S3 E7
Aug 27, 2013
Dave acts as a human canvas in the Flash Challenge, the artists struggle through landmark-themed tattoos, and color realism expert Nikko Hurtado is a guest judge.

Baby Don't Go

S3 E8
Sep 3, 2013
The artists must tattoo one another in the Flash Challenge, surprise canvases sit for a pinup Elimination Tattoo, and NFL star NaVorro Bowman is a guest judge.

Skulls and Villains

S3 E9
Sep 10, 2013
The artists etch designs into human skulls, canvases sit for super-villain-themed tattoos, and DC Comics artist Greg Capullo is a guest judge.

Eyes of the Beholder

S3 E10
Sep 17, 2013
The artists get squeamish when tattooing eyelids, a canvas requests a portrait of one of the judges during the Elimination Tattoo, and artist Corey Miller is a guest judge.

Heroes and Heads

S3 E11
Sep 24, 2013
The artists honor military veterans by engraving dog tags on the deck of an aircraft carrier, canvases get complex tattoos on their heads, and Twig Sparks is a guest judge.

Enduring the Pain

S3 E12
Oct 1, 2013
Past guest judges give the artists designs, one canvas sits for a simultaneous tattoo, and the artists are given the freedom to create Elimination Tattoos.

The Epic Finale

S3 E13
Oct 8, 2013
America's vote brings two eliminated artists back for a live tattoo face-off, and after a final 35-hour tattoo, the judges award one artist with the title of Ink Master.