Season 8

Episode Guide

Weeding Out the Weak

S8 E1
Aug 23, 2016
The cutthroat battle for $100,000 and the title of Ink Master kicks off as 30 artists vie for one of 18 spots on Oliver Peck and Chris Nunez's teams.

The Game Begins

S8 E2
Aug 30, 2016
Team Peck and Team Nunez work together in an intense Flash Challenge, and the losing team must compete among themselves in the Elimination Tattoo.

Ruffled Feathers

S8 E3
Sep 6, 2016
Team Nunez is out for revenge in the Flash Challenge, and an artist betrays one of his teammates in Team Peck's Elimination Tattoo.

Put On Your Armor

S8 E4
Sep 13, 2016
The pressure is on when both Team Peck and Team Nunez must work in pairs to transform their canvases into warriors in the Elimination Tattoo.

Sparks Fly

S8 E5
Sep 20, 2016
Team Nunez uses live wires to create art pieces in an electrifying Flash Challenge, and a gendered alliance has the women out for blood.

Sticky Situation

S8 E6
Sep 27, 2016
Team Peck fights for control of the game in a Flash Challenge testing contrast, and one artist turns the tables on the women's alliance.

New School, Old Scars

S8 E7
Oct 4, 2016
The artists must tattoo former smokers who have been scarred for life, and the six remaining artists on Team Nunez battle for a spot in the team's top five.

Bent Out of Shape

S8 E8
Oct 11, 2016
The artists are tasked with manipulating metal in the Flash Challenge, and the six remaining artists on Team Peck vie for a spot in the team's top five.

Head Games

S8 E9
Oct 18, 2016
The artists must ink their canvases' heads in an intense two-day long Elimination Tattoo, and the battle between alliances heats up.

Like Sand Through the Hour Glass

S8 E10
Oct 25, 2016
Team Peck and Team Nunez face off to create custom designs for muscle cars, the artists ink hourglass tattoos on their canvases, and NFL player Von Miller is a guest judge.

Duck and Cover Up

S8 E11
Nov 1, 2016
One artist cracks under the pressure after an intense Flash Challenge, the artists must cover up lower back tattoos, and tattoo artist Robert Atkinson is a guest judge.

Road to the Finale

S8 E12
Nov 8, 2016
Dave takes a deep dive into the lives and strategies of the final six artists with never-before-seen footage from the season.

Heavy Lifting

S8 E13
Nov 15, 2016
The artists carry their own weight in a team Flash Challenge, accuracy is tested in a head-to-head portrait Elimination Tattoo, and artist Tim Hendricks is a guest judge.

Bio-Mechanical Failure

S8 E14
Nov 22, 2016
The artists must work with their teams to transform canvases into cyborgs, and tattooing legend and author Chris Garver is a guest judge.

No One Is Safe

S8 E15
Nov 29, 2016
The battle comes to a head as the final four artists must endure a grueling 15-hour tattoo marathon.

Peck vs. Nunez

S8 E16
Dec 6, 2016
The final three artists tattoo live for America's vote, the eliminated artists return, and a 24-hour chest piece determines the winner of $100,000 and the title of Ink Master.