Season 12

Episode Guide

The Ink Will Speak for Itself

S12 E1
Jun 11, 2019
Nine men and nine women kick off an epic battle of the sexes by going head to head in a team collaboration tattoo to prove they have what it takes to be the next Ink Master.

A Storm is Brewin'

S12 E2
Jun 18, 2019
The judges unveil a new twist and bring in heavy-hitting veterans Joey Hamilton and Ryan Ashley to coach the teams, whose black-and-gray shading skills are put to the test.

Down to the Wire

S12 E3
Jun 25, 2019
Two-time veterans Bubba Irwin and Sarah Miller return to coach the men's and women's teams, and the artists showcase their knack for legibility by inking surrealistic tattoos.

The Hunter & the Hunted

S12 E4
Jul 2, 2019
Cam's arrogant behavior continues to irritate his team members during a color contrast challenge, and the gang bands together to sabotage Cam's standing in the competition.

The Art Stands Alone

S12 E5
Jul 9, 2019
It's every man and woman for themselves when the artists tattoo any design in any style before a blind critique from the judges.

Art of War

S12 E6
Jul 16, 2019
In a test of consistency, the teams must engrave full suits of armor, then a cross-stitch style elimination tattoo throws all the artists for a loop.


S12 E7
Jul 23, 2019
The artists go head-to-head in a test of technical application, and the losers fight for their survival in an elimination tattoo challenge dictated by the victors.

Pins & No Needles

S12 E8
Jul 30, 2019
The artists think outside the box as they show their understanding of color theory, then get a crash course in new school style from their coaches Jime Litwalk and Kelly Doty.

Drawing Alliances

S12 E9
Aug 6, 2019
Composition must be perfect as the remaining competitors draw freehand tattoos on their canvases, and coaches James Vaughn and Megan Jean Morris offer the artists advice.

By Accident or By Design

S12 E10
Aug 13, 2019
Every decision counts as the artists choose someone else's tattoo design and make it their own in a true test of adaptability.

Roll of the Dice

S12 E11
Aug 20, 2019
As the women's team plots to dismantle the men's team, the judges unveil a combination of detail design and cover-up challenges that are helmed by two domineering coaches.

Put Your Ink Where Your Mouth Is

S12 E12
Aug 27, 2019
With only seven competitors remaining, the canvases hold all the power as the artists are challenged to out-market their rivals and work outside their creative comfort zones.

Moving Pictures

S12 E13
Sep 3, 2019
The artists paint custom wheelchair spoke guards in the flash challenge and show finesse as they take on difficult back-of-the-neck tattoos in the elimination tattoo.

Unfriendly Fire

S12 E14
Sep 10, 2019
The final five artists are tasked with creating murals using paintball guns, then must work across disciplines in a traditional illustrative portrait elimination challenge.

Step Up or Shut Up

S12 E15
Sep 17, 2019
To earn a spot in the finale, the final four artists endure a grueling, blind-judged tattoo marathon and then endeavor to reinterpret a rival's best work.

Battle of the Sexes Finale

S12 E16
Sep 24, 2019
Seven coaches compete in the Clash of the Coaches Face-Off, the final three artists unveil their 35-hour back pieces, and one artist wins $100,000 and the Ink Master title.