Season 3

Episode Guide

The Geordies Hit Cancun

S3 E1
Jun 25, 2012
Once again they are back in Newcastle, but not for long! It's time to swap the grey river Tyne for the crystal blue waters of Cancun, Mexico for the carnage of Spring break. Vicky and Ricci are loved up, Jay is missing the love of his life.

James' Drought

S3 E2
Jul 02, 2012
With the house reduced to carnage and Sophie losing even more faith in back-at-home boyfriend Joel, there are still plenty of beaches to party on. Holly ups her game in the pursuit of James and shows that she can take rejection very badly.

Nurse Holly

S3 E3
Jul 09, 2012
Sophie is elated as Joel surprises her with a visit. But will he be able to behave himself in paradise? The boys try out Mexican Wrestling but it all ends very badly for James who leaves in an ambulance.

Vicky And Holly's Task

S3 E4
Jul 16, 2012
The chaos in Cancun continues as Gaz celebrates his birthday in true Geordie style with Charlotte taking her holiday romance to the next level and Volcano Vicky erupting as Cancun Chris gets sweet revenge sending her and Holly on a road trip.

The Tequila Trip

S3 E5
Jul 23, 2012
Vicky and Ricci return to the house in time for Becca's birthday which goes off in usual Geordie style. Sophie sends Joel back to England, but it's not long before she regrets the decision.

The Argument

S3 E6
Jul 30, 2012
An unexpected call means James has to choose between his best mates and Holly. Gary has another threesome and a night out trying to forget about Gary ends in disaster for Charlotte.

Vicky's Having Doubts

S3 E7
Aug 06, 2012
The boy-girl divide returns! Charlotte and Gaz aren't speaking, Becca and Jay are continually arguing, while Holly and James' nurse-patient relationship is back to strictly professional.

The Big Question

S3 E8
Aug 13, 2012
It's the final few days of spring break and the house is rocked by the loss of yet another member. In the last hours, to the disbelief of everyone, Ricci plans his proposal to Vicky.

The Geordie Shore Awards

S3 E9
Aug 20, 2012
Forget the EMAs, forget your VMAs, even forget that bronze medal you won for swimming five lengths at the local pool. The MTV award everyone wants to get their grubby mitts on is a Geordie Shore Award.

Cancun Chaos: Top 10

S3 E10
Aug 27, 2011
Bigger, oranger and more explosive than ever series three of Geordie Shore saw our favourite Tynesiders up sticks and head to the Caribbean to show the Mexicans how it's done!