Season 6

Episode Guide

The Gang Go Down Under

S6 E1
Jul 08, 2013
They're back and this time the Geordie's are heading down under and deep into the Bush! Sydney may be over 10,000 miles from Newcastle but nothing is going to stop the tashin' and partying and everything in between.

Family Means Family

S6 E2
Jul 15, 2013
The group are in high spirits as a surprise visit from Jay means a few days of non-stop partying. Charlotte is still coming to terms with her feelings for Gaz, Vicky starts dating whlist James' battle with Holly is set to continue.

House Divides

S6 E3
Jul 22, 2013
James and Gaz come to blows over pulling and the following explosive all Geordies argument sees Gaz forced to leave the house. But is being banished such a bad thing? Gaz and Scotty avoid the punishment, and discover what's really in the bush.

Vicky Meets Dan

S6 E4
Jul 29, 2013
Whilst the fittest guy in Australia sends the girls into a spin, Scotty and Gaz square up as nightclubbing gets nasty. Gary heads into the bush, Charlotte gets an epiphany, Vicky swoons and Scotty T enjoys his punishment just a little too much.

Anger Management

S6 E5
Aug 05, 2013
An anger management session is arranged for the group, and Charlotte lets out all her negative feelings towards Gaz. Sophie and Joel gets too drunk and embarrass the group on a night out.

The Haunted House

S6 E6
Aug 12, 2013
With Charlotte returning from the Bush a new woman, the housemates lay down the law for Scotty, slapping him with a drinking ban hoping that he will stop smashing up the house. But with an upcoming house party, can he hold it together?

The Pie Shop Argument

S6 E7
Aug 19, 2013
James and Gary come to blows which shocks the house and Charlotte's heart strings are pulled for Gary as she offers him support. A secret singles trip to the Whitsundays ends in disaster as the boys have an unwitting cock block to look after.

Goodbye Australia

S6 E8
Aug 26, 2013
As their time in Sydney comes to an end, the singles make it their mission to have a storming night in the Whitsundays. Vicky and Fit Dan have a never ending date. Will Gary and Charlotte get closure once and for all?