Season 4

Episode Guide

Everybody Hates Tattaglia

S4 E1
Oct 03, 2008
As a first-time high school student, Chris is really looking forward to attending a school with some diversity, but discovers that theschool's new principal, Ms. Morello has placed him in the only all-white homeroom.

Everybody Hates Cake

S4 E2
Oct 10, 2008
Chris agrees to help a classmate, Angel improve his grades if Angel will help him get the attention of Chris' latest crush.

Everybody Hates Homecoming

S4 E3
Oct 17, 2008
Chris is on cloud nine when a cute girl, invites him to the Tattaglia Homecoming Dance.

Everybody Hates the English Teacher

S4 E4
Oct 24, 2008
When Julius and Rochelle decide to raise Mr. Omar's rent, Mr. Omar demands they bring the apartment up to code and moves in with Chris' family until the repairs are done.

Everybody Hates My Man

S4 E5
Oct 31, 2008
Chris realizes that by helping the school's star running back and his friends with homework he is allowed to hang out with the cool kids.

Everybody Hates Doc's

S4 E6
Nov 07, 2008
When Doc's obnoxious new girlfriend, Stacy makes Chris' life a living hell, Chris decides it's about time he split up the happy couple.

Everybody Hates Snitches

S4 E7
Nov 14, 2008
Although he is supposed to be home watching Drew and Tonya, Chris sneaks out to go to the movies with his friends and witnesses a shoot-out outside the theater.

Everybody Hates Big Bird

S4 E8
Nov 21, 2008
Chris is just starting to fit in at his new high school when he gets asked on a date by the dorkiest girl in school, whom everyone calls "Big Bird."

Everybody Hates James

S4 E9
Nov 28, 2008
Julius realizes that the key to keeping Rochelle happy in their marriage is getting advice from "The Oprah Winfrey Show."

Everybody Hates New Year's Eve

S4 E10
Dec 12, 2008
Chris is determined to spend New Year's Eve in Times Square, but Rochelle says Chris can only go if he finds a responsible adult to accompany him.

Everybody Hates Mr. Levine

S4 E11
Jan 09, 2009
When Rochelle orders a copy of her birth certificate, she realizes that she is actually one year younger than she thought she was and decides to start living her life with a new, younger attitude.

Everybody Hates Varsity Jackets

S4 E12
Jan 16, 2009
Chris and Greg decide to join the wrestling team to land a varsity jacket to impress the ladies.

Everybody Hates Fake IDs

S4 E13
Jan 23, 2009
Chris and Greg realize they'd better find fake IDs or they won't be able to go to the "18 and over" Fat Boys concert.

Everybody Hates PSAT's

S4 E14
Jan 30, 2009
Knowing that he needs to score well to help him get into college, Chris decides to cram for his PSAT test, but when Rochelle makes the family attend a social event, Chris is left with no time to study and resorts to buying the PSAT answer key.

Everybody Hates Boxing

S4 E15
Feb 06, 2009
Coach Thurman witnesses Chris being bullied by Caruso and suggests Chris learn to box to defend himself.

Everybody Hates Lasagna

S4 E16
Mar 13, 2009
Chris reluctantly agrees to hold onto a stash of marijuana for a criminal on the run, but he finds it difficult to find an appropriate hiding place that won't get him in trouble.

Everybody Hates Spring Break

S4 E17
Mar 20, 2009
Chris accidentally hits Greg while test driving the janitor's car, landing Greg in the hospital with a broken leg.

Everybody Hates The Car

S4 E18
Mar 27, 2009
After Chris gets his driver's license, Rochelle and Julius give him permission to buy a car, but when the car is stolen and vandalized Chris realizes owning a car is a huge responsibility.

Everybody Hates Back Talk

S4 E19
Apr 03, 2009
Chris decides to take a stand against his mother, Rochelle and refuses to do his household chores, causing Rochelle to complain to Julius that her son is disrespecting her.

Everybody Hates Tasha

S4 E20
Apr 24, 2009
Chris works up the courage to ask Tasha to be his girlfriend and is surprised when she accepts.

Everybody Hates Bomb Threats

S4 E21
May 01, 2009
As punishment for Chris disruption of history class, Chris and his classmates are given the assignment of memorizing a famous speech from World War II and reciting it in front of the class.

Everybody Hates G.E.D.

S4 E22
May 08, 2009
During the last week of school, Chris is informed that if he gets one more tardy he will have to repeat the 10th grade.