Season 4

Episode Guide

Living The Dream

S4 E1
Sep 28, 2009
Season 4 premiere. Dexter attempts to balance family, job and his impulses.

Remains To Be Seen

S4 E2
Oct 5, 2009
Season 4. Dexter misplaces evidence that could expose him to the world.

Blinded By The Light

S4 E3
Oct 12, 2009
Season 4. Dexter is hampered by increased vigilance in his neighborhood.

Dex Takes A Holiday

S4 E4
Oct 19, 2009
Season 4. With his family out of town, Dexter stalks a murderous cop.

Dirty Harry

S4 E5
Oct 26, 2009
Season 4. Dexter is inspired to investigate the Trinity Killer on his own.

If I Had A Hammer

S4 E6
Nov 2, 2009
Season 4. Dexter gets relationship advice from a most unexpected source.

Slack Tide

S4 E7
Nov 9, 2009
Season 4. Dexter is dismayed by Debra's interest in their father's past.

Road Kill

S4 E8
Nov 16, 2009
Season 4. Dexter accompanies Trinity on an out-of-town road trip.

Hungry Man

S4 E9
Nov 23, 2009
Season 4. Dexter learns more about Arthur during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Lost Boys

S4 E10
Nov 30, 2009
Season 4. Dexter questions his ideas about Arthur when a boy disappears.

Hello, Dexter Morgan

S4 E11
Dec 7, 2009
Season 4. Dexter protects himself as the department closes in on Arthur.

The Getaway

S4 E12
Dec 14, 2009
Season 4 finale. Dexter and Arthur are on an unavoidable collision course.