Season 2

Episode Guide

It's Alive!

S2 E1
Oct 1, 2007
Season 2 premiere. Dexter is unable to kill again; Debra returns to work.

Waiting To Exhale

S2 E2
Oct 8, 2007
Season 2. Dexter trails a victim; an FBI agent arrives to open a new case.

An Inconvenient Lie

S2 E3
Oct 14, 2007
Season 2. Dexter's inability to deceive mistakenly lands him in drug rehab.


S2 E4
Oct 22, 2007
Season 2. Dexter attempts to throw FBI Agent Lundy off his bloody trail.

The Dark Defender

S2 E5
Oct 29, 2007
Season 2. Dexter finds his mother's killer - and that old habits die hard.

Dex, Lies, And Videotape

S2 E6
Nov 5, 2007
Season 2. A new copycat killer claims to be inspired by Dexter's "work."

That Night, A Forest Grew

S2 E7
Nov 12, 2007
Season 2. The pursuers of the "Bay Harbor Butcher" receive his manifesto.

Morning Comes

S2 E8
Nov 19, 2007
Season 2. Dexter sees his mother's killer; Debra and Lundy find a clue.

Resistance Is Futile

S2 E9
Nov 26, 2007
Season 2. Dexter's worst enemy is the first to learn of his bloody secret.

There's Something About Harry

S2 E10
Dec 3, 2007
Season 2. Dexter's world comes crumbling down when secrets are revealed.

Left Turn Ahead

S2 E11
Dec 10, 2007
Season 2. Dexter must determine the fates of those he cares about most.

The British Invasion

S2 E12
Dec 17, 2007
Season 2 finale. Dexter's off the hook in the Bay Harbor Butcher case.