Season 9

Episode Guide

Black In Business

S9 E1
Apr 19, 2021
After the New York city shutdown, Covid and the loss of his first Black Ink shop, Ceaser has a new lease on life and is determined to get the crew back together.

New Levels, New Devils

S9 E2
Apr 26, 2021
Things come to a head after Ceaser & Teddy confront Walter about the 125th break-in. Puma opens up about his pandemic anxiety, while Bae reveals she's been dealing with a severe illness.

Foot in That Sauce

S9 E3
May 3, 2021
Walt talks to Jess and deals with the consequences of his actions. Donna takes her CBD business to new heights, while Tatti continues to fight to regain her manager position.

Mile High Ink

S9 E4
May 10, 2021
Bae is officially back at the Brooklyn shop. Ceaser decides to relocate the entire crew to Atlanta but Puma's nerves get the best of him when someone tests positive for COVID.

My Little Broke Friends

S9 E5
May 17, 2021
The crew moves into their new mansion in Atlanta. Tatti gets a promotion at the shop, while Donna starts a new hustle that puts them on a collision course. Meanwhile, a family crisis devastates Ceaser.

Between a Rok and a Hard Place

S9 E6
May 24, 2021
After a rocky start in Atlanta, things only get worse as Rok and Krystal's relationship gets tested by an artist in the Atlanta crew. Donna and Tatti's argument over a space in the new shop spills over into their personal lives.

The Story of the Spyder and the Fish

S9 E7
May 31, 2021
Tensions between Donna and the team come to a head when the Black Ink Bosses decide to bring the teams together for some team bonding in the woods.

It's Better When a Woman is in Charge

S9 E8
Jun 7, 2021
Tired of the constant fighting over who the best tattoo artist is, Ceaser decides to have the Black Ink artists put their art where their mouth is by conducting the first Black Ink tattoo competition to crown the lead artist.

Ships and Honey Dips

S9 E9
Jun 14, 2021
Alex struggles with quarantining and his relationship with Donna, Tatti heads to Long Island to check on her family, and Krystal performs at Ted's showcase.

Bye Bye Atlanta!

S9 E10
Jun 21, 2021
As the crew gets ready to return to New York, Ceaser plans a final party in Atlanta and stuns Suzette when he gets down on one knee. Walt goes to extreme lengths to prove his innocence.

Vax the Block

S9 E11
Feb 21, 2022
The team is back from their Atlanta residency but quickly find out - what happens in Atlanta doesn't stay in Atlanta. Ceaser and the crew throw a block party to help stop the spread of Covid in the community by offering free tattoos for vaccines.

Meet the Press

S9 E12
Feb 28, 2022
Ceaser holds a press conference in an attempt to clear his name, but when Ted doesn't show up to stand by him, he seeks support from an unlikely place. Spyder and Rok get to the bottom of what's been causing problems between them.

Not Another Team Building

S9 E13
Mar 7, 2022
After the success of the Black Ink Battle in Atlanta, Puma decides, with Ceaser out of town, it's time for a Battle of the Sexes! Bae holds a walk for both Black Lives Matter and Stop Asian Hate with the support of the whole crew.

Customer Service 101

S9 E14
Mar 14, 2022
Bae finds out that her client from the tattoo competition had a negative experience with the Girls' Team. Ted and Krystal start preparing for an upcoming music video, and Ceaser fixes the failed Puma Production by bringing in an old friend.

Black is Beautiful

S9 E15
Mar 21, 2022
Ceaser and Puma plan a huge billboard photo shoot with the help of Sassy, but then everything goes left. Ted gives Krystal an ultimatum, Rok has a family emergency and Ceaser gets some devastating news about his daughter.

Silicone Valley

S9 E16
Mar 28, 2022
In the fallout of the court's decision, Ceaser steps into another crisis when Suzette learns she's facing serious health issues. Spyder celebrates his good health news by hosting a COVID-safe party. It's time to Mask-erade!


S9 E17
Apr 4, 2022
Puma takes his family and in-laws on a luxury glamping trip on the land he co-owns at Chace Village. Ceaser invites Black Ink Chicago's very own Van to look after the shop while he confronts Suzette in Atlanta about their relationship.

Bae's Bae

S9 E18
Apr 11, 2022
Newly single Ceaser returns to New York on a mission to improve Black Ink, only to find his partners, Ted and Puma, are absent. Alex's equanimity might be failing as he seems to have it out for Ceaser.

Tooth Or Consequences

S9 E19
Apr 18, 2022
Mama Bae is finally back in New York. Tatti hosts a male-free event at the shop while the guys take Bux out on the town. Ted invites the crew to a private screening of his movie premiere and reveals some shocking news.

Black Ink Milwaukee

S9 E20
Apr 25, 2022
With Ceaser and the bosses in Milwaukee for Ted's grand opening, the Brooklyn crew plays hooky with an unexpected guest. Ceaser deals with a crisis in Atlanta that has the whole crew scrambling while Rok and Krystal go MIA.

Show Up to Showdown

S9 E21
May 2, 2022
As the artists keep the Atlanta shop running, Rok and Krystal's late arrival puts them in Ceaser's crosshairs. Tatti proposes a new role for her future at Black Ink, while Bae wonders how her friends will receive her new boyfriend.

Battle of the Tattoo Titans

S9 E22
May 9, 2022
For one day only, all three cities- NY, Chicago, and Compton come together on one stage to compete for the title of Black Ink's Tattoo Titan.