Season 10

Episode Guide

Ten Years in the Making

S10 E1
Oct 18, 2022
In the season premiere, the crew celebrates 10 years of Black Ink. The first ever Black Ink graduation ceremony goes left when Ceaser realizes that not everyone deserves to be head of the class.

Houston, We Have a Problem

S10 E2
Oct 25, 2022
After Ceaser's talk with Ted and Puma, it's time for him to take on the other problem child. While Puma continues to handle things at home, Quani tries to find her independence and herself.

I Will Be Your Rok

S10 E3
Nov 1, 2022
Spyder worries that his first pop-up shop will be a flop as Tatti looks to Krystal and Bae for advice on a special assignment. The Black Ink Bosses finally reunite after their heated confrontation.

The Last Supper

S10 E4
Nov 8, 2022
Ceaser makes a public announcement about changes at the shop that could have a chilling effect on Rok and Krystal. Tatti gets a cold lesson in humility from Bae while deciding to take some personal matters into her own hands.

Guess Who's Coming To Black Ink?

S10 E5
Nov 15, 2022
Change is in the air at Black Ink as Ceaser introduces some new blood to the crew. Rok and Krystal consider their future at Black Ink as Bux opens up to bring awareness to others with his lifelong battle.

Black Ink & Harlem Are Like PB&J

S10 E6
Nov 22, 2022
Ceaser is forced to make a hard decision about 125th. Bux gets an unexpected visit at the shop that rocks his world and his friendship. Alex holds auditions for his OnlyFans and is blown away by their talents.

So Much For A Mental Health Day

S10 E7
Nov 29, 2022
Chaos ensues when the 125th artists merge with the Brooklyn shop. A startling revelation about Rok causes Ted and Puma to panic. Bux makes the situation with Spyder worse. Ceaser announces an out-of-town trip and Tatti goes MIA.

Florida Man

S10 E8
Dec 6, 2022
The crew heads to Orlando for Black Ink boot camp where Ceaser is ready to see who is really there for Black Ink. Everyone gets put to the test as tensions arise when Bux and Spyder air their unfinished business at dinner.

Later Gator

S10 E9
Dec 13, 2022
The crew is left in disarray after the bar fight. Ceaser and the bosses wonder what this means for the future of Black Ink, while Rok and Krystal's plans to open a Black Ink New Jersey come to a screeching halt.

What Happens Now?

S10 E10
Dec 20, 2022
While Ted and Puma address the fallout from Orlando, Tatti starts her new life post Black Ink. Bae attempts to make amends with Krystal as Rok decides whether he's more loyal to Krystal or Black Ink.

Six Weeks Later

S10 E11
May 15, 2023
In the season premiere, the fate of the Black Ink movement is in doubt as Puma works to bring the crew back together. Puma sends out a cryptic text, forcing the OGs to make the biggest decision of their lives.

Quit While You're a Ted

S10 E12
May 22, 2023
Puma tries to pick up the pieces after his pitch dinner goes off the rails. Krystal & Rok's tattoo shop is doing great, but not everything in their world is picture perfect. Ted and Puma decide whether it's Black Ink Crew or nothing.

BIC: The New Class

S10 E13
May 29, 2023
Puma and Ted are ready to move full steam ahead with their plans for the next generation of Black Ink Crew. Krystal takes the next steps in moving on from Rok, while Tatti has some shocking news to share.

Tederal Issues

S10 E14
Jun 5, 2023
Puma and Ted evaluate which artists from the mixer may be moving forward, Alex and Nychelle's "situationship" hits a rough patch, Ted gets some upsetting news concerning his past legal issues, and Puma meets with a well-known entrepreneur.

Welcome to NJ!

S10 E15
Jun 12, 2023
Ted and Puma welcome eight potential Black Ink artists from around the country to their new home away from home. Tempers flare when an OG questions Puma's leadership.

Su Casa Es Mi Casa

S10 E16
Jun 19, 2023
Alex proposes that the OGs get to know the newbies a little better by paying them a house call. Puma puts the new artists to the test in a New York-themed tattoo competition. Krystal's temper flares when she catches Rok in a compromising position.

The Art of Revenge

S10 E17
Jun 26, 2023
Ted deals with the fallout from a disastrous mansion party. Recording artist Rowdy Rebel gets inked. Feeling disrespected, Made Rich plots his revenge on the OGs in a way that has them seeing red.

Another Last Supper

S10 E18
Jul 3, 2023
A premeditated move by Made Rich has reverberating consequences for the rest of the housemates. With accusations flying in the house, Ted and Puma call a dinner to clear the tension in the air.

Peace, Love and Hair Grease

S10 E19
Jul 10, 2023
After one artist is removed from the house by Puma and Ted, the rest of the newbies are put to the test in a team competition meant to take them out of their comfort zones. When it's all said and done, another artist is sent packing.

Black Ink: I Do's and I Don'ts

S10 E20
Jul 17, 2023
The crew heads to Atlanta for a pop-up event at Miya Bailey's shop. Liza's plan to get clients has AMH seeing red. Miracle attempts a complicated piercing. In New Jersey, Rok seeks his mom's reassurance after Krystal does the unimaginable.

The Mean Girls Club

S10 E21
Jul 24, 2023
While in Atlanta, Puma and Ted test the team's chemistry during a pop-up event at Miya Bailey's shop. Not everyone is going to make it back to New York. Rok and Krystal are ready to take that final step but will need their mothers' blessings first.

The New Black Ink Harlem

S10 E22
Jul 31, 2023
Alex decides to make a big move in his personal life. The remaining artists receive some surprising news. Ted and Puma's grand plans to open a new shop face some last-minute hurdles. Unexpected guests threaten to bring everyone's world crashing down.