Season 7

Episode Guide

Episode 1

S7 E1
Jul 6, 2006
Julie Chen welcomes 14 All-Stars into the BB house, and six hopefuls are locked out. Shortly thereafter, the first HoH Competition takes place, and nominations soon follow. Alliances form quickly, but are they premature? Time will tell.

Episode 2

S7 E2
Jul 11, 2006
The other All-Stars see the BB 6 players as a threat, and several conspire to break their "Sea-Sick" (Season Six) alliance. Nominees Danielle and Alison try their best in the Power of Veto Competition, which involves diving, but not the kind of diving you might think.

Episode 3

S7 E3
Jul 13, 2006
Nominees Danielle and Alison both lobby hard to swing the votes, but it's not enough for Ali, who gets evicted. In the HoH Competition, the HouseGuests must read Alison's mind, and Kaysar emerges victorious as the new HoH.

Episode 4

S7 E4
Jul 16, 2006
With lieutenants Janelle and Howie at his back, Kaysar feels secure in the HoH Room as he considers his nomination options. A very messy Food Competition leaves half the household eating well while the other gets slop.

Episode 5

S7 E5
Jul 18, 2006
Kaysar's nominees, Diane and Nakomis, hope that the PoV will save one of them. Chilltown allies Will and Boogie do their best to sway those not in the Season 6 alliance. Will the PoV winner save one of the women on the block?

Episode 6

S7 E6
Jul 20, 2006
Both Diane and Nakomis try their best to stay in the house, but one has to go. Afterwards, the HoH Competition is a Q and A testing the HouseGuests' visual memory and powers of observation.

Episode 7

S7 E7
Jul 23, 2006
The Food Competition banishes Slop for the week, as the HouseGuests win menus for each day. First-time HoH James has the whole house nervous, and his bold nomination picks spark speculation. Will the PoV make a difference?

Episode 8

S7 E8
Jul 25, 2006
After the PoV Competition, several HouseGuests look like Smurfs, two are bald, and Jase's hair turns blue. An unexpected PoV winner upsets James' scheme, forcing S-6 to switch to Plan B.

Episode 9

S7 E9
Jul 27, 2006
Both Will and Jase insist that they don't want to stay in the house, but both canvas for votes. Ultimately, one of the nominees gets his wish and is evicted. The ensuing HoH Competition ends with the crowning of a second-time HoH.

Episode 10

S7 E10
Jul 30, 2006
While HoH Janelle agonizes over her nominations, she entertains "advice" from Chilltown and the floaters. Her final nomination choices promise to shake up the household. In the Food Competition, several HouseGuests are assigned to a week on the dreaded Slop by their housemates.

Episode 11

S7 E11
Aug 1, 2006
The Power of Veto Competition yields a very lucky winner who exercises the Veto to change the nominations. HoH Janelle nominates a floater, and alliances shift again.

Episode 12

S7 E12
Aug 3, 2006
After intense lobbying, fighting and backstabbing, one of the floaters is evicted. The HoH Competition kicks off a week of competitions requiring the HouseGuests to choose between power and temptation.

Episode 13

S7 E13
Aug 6, 2006
Last episode's HoH Competition was a cliffhanger--actually a webhanger--and Black Widow Danielle manages to cling the longest and win the crown. As she promised, Danielle gets revenge on the S-6 alliance with her nominations.

Episode 14

S7 E14
Aug 8, 2006
With Janelle and James on the block, the PoV Competition has special significance for S-6, Chilltown and the Legion of Doom. The competition offers the players some tough choices, and one HouseGuest is willing to risk it all to win. After the Veto Ceremony, the household is in chaos again, with the HouseGuests sleeping on cots, taking cold showers and eating Slop.

Episode 15

S7 E15
Aug 10, 2006
Both Kaysar and James want to stay, but one is ultimately evicted. After a particularly spooky HoH Competition, a new HoH takes charge. Julie Chen announces a new twist that could transform the game: the Coup d'Etat.

Episode 16

S7 E16
Aug 13, 2006
Technical difficulties force a redo of the HoH Competition, with different results. In the Food Competition, the HouseGuests must impress a panel of judges from seasons past with a set of Slop-based recipes. The new HoH nominates two floaters.

Episode 17

S7 E17
Aug 15, 2006
The PoV Competition brings back events and HouseGuests from seasons past. One of Janelle's nominees wins the Power of Veto and saves herself. Are Boogie and Erika involved in a showmance?

Episode 18

S7 E18
Aug 17, 2006
In a tearful Eviction Ceremony, one nominee is shown the door. Julie Chen informs Mike Boogie that he's winner of the Coup d'Etat but must use within the next three weeks. On Prom Night, a new HoH is installed, but will reign for only 24 hours and must immediately make nominations.

Episode 19

S7 E19
Aug 20, 2006
The PoV winner forces short-time HoH George to name a replacement nominee, who is swiftly evicted. A special HoH Competition results in a first-time win for one All-Star and yet another power shift in the house.

Episode 20

S7 E20
Aug 22, 2006
After both nominees play victim, one wins the PoV, and HoH Boogie swaps in a surprise. While Will secretly resolves to turn her into a femme-bot, Janelle forms a new alliance.

Episode 21

S7 E21
Aug 24, 2006
Dani and James lobby hard to keep him in the house, but the other HouseGuests aren't committing. Despite some intense strategizing, a tough player is evicted. The HoH Competition results could mean trouble for Chilltown.

Episode 22

S7 E22
Aug 27, 2006
In the Food Competition, the HouseGuests win a high-protein, high-alcohol diet for the next week, and George gets a much-needed Slop pass. "Lance Showmance," aka Boogie, does his best to work on Erika. HoH Erika announces her nominations.

Episode 23

S7 E23
Aug 29, 2006
Neil Patrick Harris brings Christmas in August to the BB House, delighting the star-struck HouseGuests. He spends some time in the Diary Room and on Will's trampoline. The PoV Competition is tense, but one lucky nominee wins it and HoH Erika is forced to swap in another.

Episode 24

S7 E24
Aug 31, 2006
BIG BROTHER packs a whole week of activity into this single episode, with an eviction, the HoH Competition, the PoV Competition and a second eviction.

Episode 25

S7 E25
Sep 3, 2006
The Final Four are split into two showmances, but Chilltown still looks like the only real deal in the BB house. The winner of the high-stakes HoH Competition stands firm and nominates two of the four.

Episode 26

S7 E26
Sep 5, 2006
The Final PoV Competition is tough, but one nominee wins it and saves herself. Next, the ladies compare notes, and Chilltown's showmance strategy is revealed. One of the Chill boys is evicted, and the final HoH Competition begins.

Episode 27

S7 E27
Sep 7, 2006
The three-part Final HoH Competition yields a winner, who also wins a fabulous car. The HoH announces the eviction, and only the Final Two remain. Who will win it all?

Episode 28

S7 E28
Sep 12, 2006
In the live finale, the All-Stars reunite once again and confront the Final Two about their performance in the game. The Jury votes, and the winner of BIG BROTHER: ALL-STARS is announced. One lucky Jury member wins America's Vote and goes home $25,000 richer.