Season 4

Episode Guide

Episode 1

S4 E1
Jul 9, 2003
Eight houseguests prepare to live in the Big Brother House.

Episode 2

S4 E2
Jul 10, 2003
Some vow to evict their exes while others form "secret alliances."

Episode 3

S4 E3
Jul 12, 2003
HOH Nathan makes nominations for the first eviction. Who will it be?

Episode 4

S4 E4
Jul 16, 2003
Amanda and Jee must rely on both strategy and the Power of Veto to secure their places in the House another week.

Episode 5

S4 E5
Jul 17, 2003
The tumultous first nine days are recapped as the HouseMates determine who should leave: Amanda or Jee.

Episode 6

S4 E6
Jul 19, 2003
Jee's HOH status makes the "Elite Seven" nervous and alliances are tested as strategies are revealed.

Episode 7

S4 E7
Jul 23, 2003
Michelle and Erika are both upset over their nominations for eviction.

Episode 8

S4 E8
Jul 24, 2003
Lee and Jun seem to form a secret alliance discussing strategy in Korean when the coast is clear and arguing when there is an audience present.

Episode 9

S4 E9
Jul 26, 2003
Dana weighs her options between her original alliance or joining the "Dream Team."

Episode 10

S4 E10
Jul 30, 2003
Now that Dana's nominations have drawn a clear line in the alliances, everyone's focus shifts to stragegy.

Episode 11

S4 E11
Jul 31, 2003
After the Power of Veto meeting, Dana feels guilt over Dave's nomination.

Episode 12

S4 E12
Aug 2, 2003
After a dramatic shift in power, Alison settles into her position as new Head of Household and prepares for the nominations.

Episode 13

S4 E13
Aug 6, 2003
Alison's nominations have everyone talking, and many of her own allies disagree with her decision.

Episode 14

S4 E14
Aug 7, 2003
Convinced that she has three votes in her favor, Dana sets out to secure a fourth.

Episode 15

S4 E15
Aug 9, 2003
Robert, Justin and Jee--hold the power in the House, and they're not afraid to flaunt it.

Episode 16

S4 E16
Aug 13, 2003
The HouseGuests compete in a game of strategy to win the Power.

Episode 17

S4 E17
Aug 14, 2003
Yet despite all the different strategies, deals and alliances, it is clear that one group control the game.

Episode 18

S4 E18
Aug 17, 2003
Later in the eviction night, a live vote will happen.

Episode 19

S4 E19
Aug 20, 2003
Jun makes the unexpected move of approaching Alison in attempts to form some kind of alliance.

Episode 20

S4 E20
Aug 21, 2003
After days of power and control, the three stooges are faced with an impossible situation.

Episode 21

S4 E21
Aug 24, 2003
The Three Stooges lose an important member.

Episode 22

S4 E22
Aug 26, 2003
The remaining members of the Three Stooges make a comeback. And later a twist is thrown into the game.

Episode 23

S4 E23
Aug 28, 2003
The remaining women in the house make a secret pact to stay in the game.

Episode 24

S4 E24
Aug 30, 2003
The Stooges recognize the new woman alliance as a threat.

Episode 25

S4 E25
Sep 3, 2003
The girl alliance begins to break.

Episode 26

S4 E26
Sep 4, 2003
Allison uses her power of veto to tear the dream team apart.

Episode 27

S4 E27
Sep 6, 2003
Robert, the final member of the Dream Team, fights off the girl alliance.

Episode 28

S4 E28
Sep 10, 2003
Alliances tear apart as Robert sets up the final three.

Episode 29

S4 E29
Sep 11, 2003
Allison must choose one of her two allies to put up for eviction.

Episode 30

S4 E30
Sep 17, 2003
The race for HoH has never been more intense.

Episode 31

S4 E31
Sep 18, 2003
Robert is evicted. Jun and Allison are the final two members in the Big Brother house.

Episode 32

S4 E32
Sep 20, 2003
The Jury reminisces over the past couple months in the Big Brother House.

Episode 33

S4 E33
Sep 25, 2003
The evicted HouseGuests return to the BIG BROTHER House for the biggest day in the game.