Season 24

Episode Guide

Episode 1

S24 E1
Jul 7, 2022
16 complete strangers will live in total confinement, cut off from the outside world. All summer long, they will compete for safety and power. Each week they will vote to evict one of their own, until only one house guest remains to claim the 750,000 dollar grand prize.

Episode 2

S24 E2
Jul 11, 2022
Tonight the game is officially underway! Alliances will form, have-nots will be chosen, and Daniel will nominate two houseguests for eviction.

Episode 3

S24 E3
Jul 14, 2022
Tonight it's the first Power of Veto competition of the summer, will Terrance or Michael be saved from the block?

Episode 4

S24 E4
Jul 15, 2022
Tonight, the house guests have been in the BB motel for 9 days. Emotions are high, and a shocking announcement changes the course of the game. Plus, the battle for power begins again!

Episode 5

S24 E5
Jul 18, 2022
Tonight will the Southerner be side lined, or will she compete? And who will devour power at the messiest fest yet.

Episode 6

S24 E6
Jul 21, 2022
Things get fishy at a mer-tastic veto competition. Who will win the golden power, and will it be used to save either Pooch or Taylor?

Episode 7

S24 E7
Jul 25, 2022
Following a live vote, a houseguest is evicted and interviewed; remaining houseguests compete for power in the next head of household.

Episode 9

S24 E9
Jul 28, 2022
Will the power of veto save Michael and Brittany from the block? Plus escalating tensions set off a chain of events that will turn the whole game upside down.

Episode 10

S24 E10
Jul 29, 2022
Tonight, will it be a double serving of blindsides courtesy of the Leftovers? First the veto meeting, then the live eviction!

Episode 11

S24 E11
Aug 1, 2022
Will a leftover become the new head of household, or will the other side of the house turn the tables? Plus see the drama that unfolded as the shocking blindside sent the house scrambling, and which besties will hit the chopping block.

Episode 12

S24 E12
Aug 4, 2022
Things get trippy in the veto competition. Who will win the golden power, and will it lead to another shocking veto meeting?

Episode 13

S24 E13
Aug 5, 2022
Tonight, who will be evicted from the Big Brother house? Nicole or Taylor? Plus, don't blame global warming, it's Kyle and Alissa that are heating things up.

Episode 14

S24 E14
Aug 8, 2022
Earning the Head of Household will be no walk in the park for the final 12, and another set of besties are block bound. Plus it's the muffin mystery that broke the internet.

Episode 15

S24 E15
Aug 11, 2022
OTEV is back! Who will capture the veto at the Stage Roach Festival, and will it be used to saved the besties on the block? Plus Muffin Gate rocked the whole world, and tonight the saga continues.

Episode 16

S24 E16
Aug 12, 2022
Either Daniel or Kyle will be the final non-juror sent packing. Plus, with the Festie Bestie twist ending, who will overcome the legendary BB wall competition?

Episode 17

S24 E17
Aug 15, 2022
Who will conquer conspiracy fast and emerge with power? Will the Leftovers continue to dominate, or will someone new turn the house upside down? Plus a new showmance begins to blossom.

Episode 18

S24 E18
Aug 18, 2022
Tonight it won't just be the power of Veto on the line, prizes and punishments will be doled out to the house guests. Plus the Leftovers have been dominating for weeks, but are cracks staring to emerge?

Episode 19

S24 E19
Aug 19, 2022
Tonight, will Kyle put his showmance in the line of fire? Or will the powerful Leftovers alliance begin to crumble? Plus, the first houseguest will be sent to jury, leaving the final ten to be thrown into a brand new BB Fest twist that is literally going to split the house.

Episode 20

S24 E20
Aug 22, 2022
The Big Brother game splits in two, who will be with Michael inside and who will joins Terrane outside? Plus with two simultaneous games being played that means four house guests will hit the block.

Episode 21

S24 E21
Aug 25, 2022
Two separate Veto competitions will be played, who will win at Big BroChella and who will claim power at Dyre Fest? Plus which member of the Cookout returns to get in on the action?

Episode 22

S24 E22
Aug 26, 2022
Things get savage at Dyrefest. Buckle up for a double eviction. Who will be booted from Big Brochella and who will be dismissed from Dyrefest? What will happen when the final 8 reunite?

Episode 23

S24 E23
Aug 29, 2022
Will the Afterparty go to war with the leftover Leftovers? Plus who will be stacked with power in the most crucial Head of Household of the season? And two more houseguests will hit the block.

Episode 24

S24 E24
Sep 1, 2022
A slippery veto is on the line, who will slide into power? Plus a dramatic series of events changes the course of the game.

Episode 25

S24 E25
Sep 2, 2022
Tonight, a powerful house meeting will put everything out in the open. Plus, will Kyle be nominated at the veto meeting? And who will be evicted from the house?

Episode 26

S24 E26
Sep 5, 2022
Who will become the new Head of Household, and who will be targeted for eviction? Plus Zingbot is back to roast the final seven.

Episode 27

S24 E27
Sep 8, 2022
BB Comics are back! Who will rise to the super occasion and win the power of Veto, and will it be used to save Alyssa or DJ Showtime?

Episode 28

S24 E28
Sep 9, 2022
Tonight, either Alyssa or DJ Showtime will be sent to Jury, but they won't be alone. Double eviction baby. A full week of gameplay in one night.

Episode 29

S24 E29
Sep 12, 2022
Tonight, with only 5 remaining the game kicks in to overdrive. Witness the drama you didnt' see that lead to Michaels shocking eviction. Plus, a new head of household will be crowned & two more houseguest hit the block.

Episode 30

S24 E30
Sep 15, 2022
The final five go cuckoo trying to win the power of Veto. Will it be used to save one of the nominees?

Episode 31

S24 E31
Sep 16, 2022
A Brittany spiral could change the fate of the nominees. Who will be sent to the jury, and who will win the Head of Household, guaranteeing a spot for them at finale night.

Episode 32

S24 E32
Sep 19, 2022
The final four go to battle in an action packed hour. Who will Taylor nominate for eviction? Plus the final and most important veto competition of the summer plays out.

Episode 33

S24 E33
Sep 23, 2022
Tonight, Monte will cast a sole vote to evict either Brittany or Turner from the game. Who will make it to finale night? Plus, is there trouble in HOH homeroom paradise? And the legendary Cookout Alliance will reunite live to discuss the final three.

Episode 34

S24 E34
Sep 24, 2022
With the final three set, Monte, Taylor, and Turner will look back at the epic summer. Witness the LOLs. The TMIs. Plus, part one of the final three-part head of household competition kicks off.

Episode 35

S24 E35
Sep 26, 2022
Tonight, all three parts of the Head of Household competition play out. Who will emerge victorious and earn the power to cast the final eviction vote of BB 24? Plus, the jury returns to choose the winner of the $750,000 grand prize. And find out who you voted as America's favorite house guest.