Season 11

Episode Guide

Episode 1

S11 E1
Jul 10, 2009
12 strangers will move into the Big Brother house and learn that they will be 'kickin it old school' this summer, high school to be exact. The House Guests will be shocked to learn that they will be playing the game in one of four familiar high school cliques - popular, athletes, brainiacs and off beats.

Episode 2

S11 E2
Jul 13, 2009
Jessie from Season 10, the current HoH returns and the other houseguests do all they can to avoid a nomination. The stakes are raised when cliques are punished for losing the food competition.

Episode 3

S11 E3
Jul 15, 2009
The mood in the house quickly turns sour as the houseguests compete for the first power of veto. Lydia tries to ally herself with the athletes and Ronnie walks a fine line.

Episode 4

S11 E4
Jul 17, 2009
Lydia causes a ruckus, while Russell does all he can to make sure Braden goes home. Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house? Also, the houseguests compete to win HoH by predicting how fans voted in an online poll.

Episode 5

S11 E5
Jul 20, 2009
As the HoH, Ronnie strategically decides which houseguests must fight for the power of veto. The houseguests compete for the chance to watch a screeing of The Ugly Truth.

Episode 6

S11 E6
Jul 22, 2009
Russell shows his volatile side before the power of veto competition. Jeff and Laura desperately need to stay in the house.

Episode 7

S11 E7
Jul 24, 2009
Ronnie's lies catch up to him and a second houseguest is evicted from the Big Brother house. Plus, a new HoH is crowned.

Episode 8

S11 E8
Jul 27, 2009
Ronnie tries to make nice in order to save himself from being put up for elimination. Surprising romances develops in the house.

Episode 9

S11 E9
Jul 29, 2009
The houseguests experience a pig's life in the power of veto competition. A few waver between kicking Ronnie out.

Episode 10

S11 E10
Jul 31, 2009
Showmances begin to blossom and another houseguest goes home in a heated eviction. Also, the houseguests face off in their first endurance HoH competition.

Episode 11

S11 E11
Aug 3, 2009
Russell and Jeff come to an agreement about who should get HoH. Russell proves to be a man of his word as he announces his nominations for eviction.

Episode 12

S11 E12
Aug 5, 2009
The power of veto competition is a gamble and the alliances campaign in their best interest. Chima upsets Russell and Michele proves to be the swing vote.

Episode 13

S11 E13
Aug 7, 2009
Russell and Chima have a throwdown and another houseguest is eliminated. Also, the winner of the coup d'etat is revealed and the houseguests compete for HoH based on America's advice.

Episode 14

S11 E14
Aug 10, 2009
Russell tries his best to make nice with Chima after she wins HoH. In a luxury challenge the houseguests are split into two teams and given the chance to win great prizes.

Episode 15

S11 E15
Aug 12, 2009
Russell and Chima continue to fight and one of the houseguests has to make a difficult decision. The PoV competition is more important than ever as the girls side with each other.

Episode 16

S11 E16
Aug 15, 2009
The power of veto competition is a gamble and the alliances campaign in their best interest. Chima upsets Russell and Michele proves to be the swing vote.

Episode 17

S11 E17
Aug 17, 2009
Chima, Lydia and Natalie mourn Jessie's eviction, while Michele puts up her two nominees. Also, the houseguests compete in this week's have/have not competition.

Episode 18

S11 E18
Aug 19, 2009
Chima's actions lead her to an untimely eviction. After a new HoH competition to reset the game, a few houseguests have a difficult time accepting the new power shift.

Episode 19

S11 E19
Aug 21, 2009
In the fast-paced hour, the houseguests compete for veto, evict another houseguest and battle it out for HoH, all live. Also, secrets about Jessie's actions when he was in the house turn some of his strongest supporters against him.

Episode 20

S11 E20
Aug 24, 2009
A new HoH is crowned and with Lydia's eviction, the houseguests start to reconsider their alliances. Russell wants to secure his place in the final four but his ego makes the others want him out.

Episode 21

S11 E21
Aug 26, 2009
A past houseguest helps out in the crucial PoV competition. As the house pairs up, Jeff may have to watch his back.

Episode 22

S11 E22
Aug 28, 2009
Russell pushes Jordan to her limit, and the houseguests decide whether to send him or Natalie to the jury house. Also, the HoH competition may be chocolatey, but it's anything but sweet.

Episode 23

S11 E23
Aug 31, 2009
After winning HoH, Kevin is faced with a difficult decision. Natalie guns for Michele to be evicted.

Episode 24

S11 E24
Sep 2, 2009
The future of the remaining houseguests rests in the next PoV competition. The unthinkable may happen and long-standing alliances may be broken up.

Episode 25

S11 E25
Sep 4, 2009
Jeff fights to stay in the house, but will efforts pay off? Either he or Jordan will be evicted from the Big Brother house. Also, three out of the final four houseguests compete for HoH.

Episode 26

S11 E26
Sep 7, 2009
As tensions grow in the house Natalie distances herself from the other houseguests with her lies. Alliances are broken and it's every player for themselves.

Episode 27

S11 E27
Sep 9, 2009
The houseguests compete for the final Power of Veto of the season and one more is evicted. Also, the final three houseguests begin part one of the last HoH competition.

Episode 28

S11 E28
Sep 11, 2009
The houseguests compete in part two of the final HoH competition, while Julie reveals some of the final twists of the season. Also, four of the best houseguests from Big Brother history return to weigh in on this season's final three.

Episode 29

S11 E29
Sep 14, 2009
The final three reminisce about their experiences in the Big Brother house. Kevin, Natalie and Jordan enjoy a moment together before mentally preparing to duke it out for the win.

Episode 30

S11 E30
Sep 16, 2009
In the first ever 2-hour season finale, one houseguest is crowned the winner and awarded $500,000, and all the houseguests are reunited for the first time. Also, Julie reveals which houseguest America chose as their favorite and awards the lucky juror $25,000.