Season 3

Episode Guide

Episode 1

S3 E1
Jul 11, 2002
Twelve new houseguests find their beds and quickly size up their competition.

Episode 2

S3 E2
Jul 12, 2002
HoH Lisa is unsure of who to nominate for eviction.

Episode 3

S3 E3
Jul 14, 2002
The first Power of Veto is played.

Episode 4

S3 E4
Jul 18, 2002
The PoV is used to save one nominee, and tensions begin to escalate in the house.

Episode 5

S3 E5
Jul 19, 2002
After the first eviction of the season a previously nominated houseguest wins HoH.

Episode 6

S3 E6
Jul 21, 2002
Macellas develops strong disdain for Josh bringing him to nominate Josh for eviction.

Episode 7

S3 E7
Jul 25, 2002
Danielle wins the PoV.

Episode 8

S3 E8
Jul 26, 2002
Some houseguests begin to lose their temper as half the house is forced to eat PB&J.

Episode 9

S3 E9
Jul 28, 2002
Josh and Marcellas made peace and the house has mixed reactions to Tonya's eviction.

Episode 10

S3 E10
Aug 1, 2002
Danielle and Jason develop a tight bond and the houseguests play for the PoV.

Episode 11

S3 E11
Aug 2, 2002
The houseguests debate on who to evict.

Episode 12

S3 E12
Aug 4, 2002
With Gerry as the new HoH some houseguests throw their mates under the bus.

Episode 13

S3 E13
Aug 8, 2002
Jason wins a letter from home and the houseguests discuss what they miss most.

Episode 14

S3 E14
Aug 9, 2002
The houseguests bowl for HoH.

Episode 15

S3 E15
Aug 11, 2002
Chiara makes a bold move with her nominations.

Episode 16

S3 E16
Aug 15, 2002
Josh gives up on the game and immediately begins packing once nominated.

Episode 17

S3 E17
Aug 16, 2002
A previously evicted houseguest returns.

Episode 18

S3 E18
Aug 17, 2002
Despite being conscious of the omnipresent cameras, some of the HouseGuests sometimes forget that they're being filmed 24/7.

Episode 19

S3 E19
Aug 21, 2002
Roddy, who quit the last HoH contest right after it began, is having regrets and blames his decision on feeling "nervous and sleepy" from having been nominated.

Episode 20

S3 E20
Aug 22, 2002
Danielle debates who to evict.

Episode 21

S3 E21
Aug 25, 2002
Chiara's departure has hit the HouseGuests hard.

Episode 22

S3 E22
Aug 29, 2002
Danielle questions Jason's motivations.

Episode 23

S3 E23
Aug 29, 2002
Gerry may be facing his last day in the Big Brother house.

Episode 24

S3 E24
Sep 1, 2002
Worried about repercussions from his nominations, Marcellas struggles with who he should nominaye

Episode 25

S3 E25
Sep 5, 2002
The past comes back to haunt amy. PAST COMES BACK TO HAUNT AM

Episode 26

S3 E26
Sep 5, 2002
As the eviction draws near, Danielle wonders why the people nominated against Roddy turn themselves into "sacrificial lambs."

Episode 27

S3 E27
Sep 13, 2002
Roddy's departure has outstanding effects on the rest of the house guests.

Episode 29

S3 E29
Sep 19, 2002
Still unaware of Jason's alliance with Danielle, Amy thinks he is making his own decisions.

Episode 30

S3 E30
Sep 20, 2002
With Jason holding the only vote for eviction, he'll determine who goes to the Final Three in the House.

Episode 31

S3 E31
Sep 22, 2002
Lisa confronts Danielle on her secret pact with Jason.

Episode 32

S3 E32
Sep 26, 2002
The House guests get down to the business of selecting the winner of Big Brother 3.

Episode 33

S3 E33
Sep 26, 2002
Everything is put on the table as the winner of Big Brother 3 is announced.