Season 8

Episode Guide

Episode 1

S8 E1
Aug 30, 2021
Shaunie prepares for Shareef's surgery, Evelyn struggles with her health, Tami hides big news, Malaysia tries to help Cece and Kristen move forward, and Jen stirs the pot.

Episode 2

S8 E2
Aug 30, 2021
Malaysia tries to broker peace between Kristen, Cece and Londen, Tami's daughters are upset at her for eloping, and Jennifer comes face to face with Shaunie and Evelyn.

Episode 3

S8 E3
Aug 30, 2021
Tami opens up about her ex-husband's stroke, OG voices her opinion about Kristen and Cece's attempt to mend their relationship, and things get heated between OG and Kristen.

Episode 4

S8 E4
Aug 30, 2021
OG deals with the aftermath of her actions, Tami chooses a side, Shaunie finds a safe haven, Cece threatens to sever ties with her blended family, and Malaysia seeks answers.

Episode 5

S8 E5
Aug 30, 2021
Malaysia confronts OG at Cece's engagement party, Shaunie considers inviting Jennifer on the next ladies' trip, and Tami decides to go public with her marriage.

Episode 6

S8 E6
Aug 30, 2021
On the San Diego trip, tensions between Evelyn and Jennifer immediately boil over, Jennifer opens up about her mom's passing, and Malaysia tries to mend the Scott family rift.

Episode 7

S8 E7
Aug 30, 2021
Malaysia doesn't believe Jennifer has turned over a new leaf, OG threatens Feby over an insulting rap, and Byron clarifies his role in the spreading of the Thomas rumor.

Episode 8

S8 E8
Aug 30, 2021
Jennifer calls out Cece over an incriminating text message, Tami pursues a new career path, and Shaunie's family celebrates Shareef's progress in his recovery.

Episode 9

S8 E9
Aug 30, 2021
Jen spreads gossip about Tami and Feby, causing tension between all the women involved, and when everyone gets together at a roller-skating party the wheels come off.

Episode 10

S8 E10
Aug 30, 2021
Malaysia, Feby and Jackie get into a near brawl, Evelyn tries to get Malaysia answers, Jackie and OG take the women to court, and Evelyn reconnects with her ex's daughter.

Episode 11

S8 E11
Aug 30, 2021
Jackie disrupts Jennifer's cancer benefit looking for a fight, OG sets up a meeting with Byron and Cece to help Kwame's career, and a negative story gets leaked to the press.

Episode 12

S8 E12
Aug 30, 2021
OG begins making the transition from football player to coach, Shaunie and Evelyn give speed dating a try, and some of the ladies are no-shows to Jackie's podcast roundtable.

Episode 13

S8 E13
Aug 30, 2021
After a questionable photo-op, the ladies try to figure out where they all stand with Jennifer, Shaunie expands her business interests, and Tami makes a shocking announcement.

Episode 14

S8 E14
Aug 30, 2021
Tensions run high in Costa Rica when Cece gets mad at Evelyn for dredging up her family drama, Feby drunkenly rants at Jackie, and Jackie accuses Feby of being a drug addict.

Episode 15

S8 E15
Aug 30, 2021
The group's trip to Costa Rica is full of fireworks as Cece shows a different side, Jackie and Feby trade jabs, and OG starts a rumor about Evelyn's ex.

Episode 16

S8 E16
Aug 30, 2021
Shaunie is fed up with OG's constant threats of violence, Evelyn prints out some compromising DMs between OG and Chad, and Jackie is forced to choose sides.

Reunion, Pt. 1

S8 E17
Aug 30, 2021
The Season 8 cast joins host Marc Lamont Hill for a look back at an unforgettable season, but not before some behind-the-scenes preshow drama with OG, Cece and Jackie.

Reunion, Pt. 2

S8 E18
Aug 30, 2021
Jackie attempts to prove her innocence, Malaysia and Jennifer face off, Shaunie discusses the impact of colorism, and one woman makes an unexpected exit.