Season 3

Episode Guide

Episode 1

S3 E1
May 29, 2011
With Royce at odds with Evelyn and Jen and Tami bent on preventing Evelyn from profiting off the hurtful phrase that launched their brawl, is it too late to make amends? Also, a new addition to the circle of BBW sets off alarm bells. Presented by VH1.

Episode 2

S3 E2
Jun 05, 2011
Suzie's return to the circle upsets Royce. Also, sparks fly when Tami takes Meeka to task for playing both sides. Presented by VH1.

Episode 3

S3 E3
Jun 12, 2011
Royce's father raises concerns about his daughter's new boyfriend. Also, Evelyn checks out a fertility clinic as she prepares to begin a family with Chad Ochocinco. Presented by VH1.

Episode 4

S3 E4
Jun 19, 2011
Jen's curiosity and suspicions are piqued when Eric wants to take a meeting with Suzie. Also, more than mallets are swinging when Tami and Meeka get into it at an upscale polo event. Presented by VH1.

Episode 5

S3 E5
Jun 26, 2011
A trip to the Big Apple turns sour as Evelyn and Tami's beef over Ev's t-shirts resurfaces. Also, Jen agrees to her first date since splitting with Eric and Evelyn reconciles with her long-absent father. Presented by VH1.

Episode 6

S3 E6
Jul 10, 2011
Shaunie makes waves when she proposes another international girls' trip but excludes Royce from the guest list. Presented by VH1.

Episode 7

S3 E7
Jul 17, 2011
It's an Italian vacation complete with extra baggage as Evelyn's reaction to a radio interview given by Jen threatens to end their friendship and Tami and Meeka butt heads over loose talk and leaving Royce behind. Presented by VH1.

Episode 8

S3 E8
Jul 24, 2011
The ladies' trip to Italy explodes as Tami's feud with Meeka reaches the boiling point, and one member of the circle calls it quits over the drama. Presented by VH1.

Episode 9

S3 E9
Jul 31, 2011
Royce's meeting with Eric makes Jen's blood boil, Chad surprises Evelyn with a unique outing, and Jen finds chemistry on a blind date set up by pal Al Reynolds. Presented by VH1.


S3 E10
Aug 07, 2011
In the powerhouse season finale, Chad and Evelyn get into it when Evelyn spots him having lunch with another woman. Also, Jen's wild divorce party heats up when her date for the evening arrives. Presented by VH1.

Reunion (Part 1)

S3 E11
Aug 14, 2011
Evelyn, Jen, and the rest of the girls are back to recap season 3 in part 1 of the Basketball Wives 3 reunion! Presented by VH1.

Reunion (Part 2)

S3 E12
Aug 21, 2011
Evelyn, Jen, and the rest of the girls are back to recap season 3 in part 2 of the Basketball Wives 3 reunion! Presented by VH1.