Season 3

Episode Guide

Episode 338

S3 E1
Nov 16, 1996
Amanda is introduced to the rest of the cast. Randy searches for a new co-host. Ed is unable to grasp the concept of twins when Tia and Tamera Mowry walk up to the Good Burger counter. Trudy Wellburton is introduced to the class for gifted students.

Episode 339

S3 E2
Nov 23, 1996
Kevin, replaced as stage manager, is now working as a bathroom attendant. The cast pay him a visit. Superdude VS. Yogurl. Repairman in Space. Return of Show and Tell: Robert shares his chickenpox with the rest of Miss Fingerly's class.

Episode 340

S3 E3
Nov 30, 1996
The show is about to start and Amanda can't stop dancing. Good Burger Health Inspector. Randy & Andy. Miss Fingerly.

Episode 341

S3 E4
Dec 7, 1996
Alisa and Lori Beth have baked a huge cake. Ishboo House Call: To stay home from school, Ishboo convinces Mrs. Helenback he's sick. Island Girls: Fran has hopes of being rescued when a visitor arrives on the island. Mavis & Clavis Substitute.

Episode 342

S3 E5
Dec 21, 1996
Kenan and Josh convince Kevin to hide inside a giant squash. Ed spots Tyra Banks in line at Good Burger. Ask Ashley: Sweet, insightful Ashley sits on her bed and reads letters from inquisitive kids. Class Cowboy.

Episode 343

S3 E6
Dec 28, 1996
Kel announces he is quitting the show in order to pursue his first love -- Sumo wrestling. Plus Ishboo Psychiatrist and the Island Girls meet some natives.

Episode 344

S3 E7
Jan 11, 1997
Following a hit on the head from a stage light, Josh believes he's an english gentleman. The Maroons: A family of moronic people whose senses of reality and decency are skewed beyond repair. Good Burger - Good Party. Bradley the Big Ol' Baby.

Episode 345

S3 E8
Jan 18, 1997
The kids have a fool-proof method to rid Josh of his pre-show hiccups. Talk show host Okrah Winfrey covers the topic of self-defense. Noreen Fezzik is the extremely geeky chairperson of Dullmont's Geek Club. Pierre Escargot. Ask Ashley. Peter & Flem.

Episode 346

S3 E9
Jan 25, 1997
Katrina has built a time machine. Randy invites guest chef Farley into his kitchen. Vital Information. Coach Kreeton's Date. Chuckin' T-Maters: Josh and Katrina pass the time by trying to throw tomatoes at a target behind the audience.

Episode 347

S3 E10
Feb 1, 1997
Lori Beth has a horrible nightmare that the cast members are eating her best friend, the giant ear of corn. Plus Earboy, Ross Perot, Pizza Face, and Super Okrah!

Episode 348

S3 E11
Feb 8, 1997
Ed's misunderstanding the concept of Good Burger's new four-layered burger comes at the expense of GB's regular, irate customers. Plus Vital Information with Lori Beth, Ask Ashley, and Pierre Escargot!

Episode 349

S3 E12
Feb 15, 1997
With the show about to start, the green room doors are locked from the outside and the kids are stuck. Amanda saves the day by offering her services as a human battering ram.

Episode 350

S3 E13
Feb 22, 1997
For Kel's birthday the cast gives him his very own old lady. When Kevin says he's always wanted one, Kel offers her to him and she beats Kevin up. Plus Repairman and Mr. Glootnis's sticky shop!

Episode 351

S3 E14
Sep 20, 1997
Kenan tries a new hairdo -- a three foot tall, cylindrical blue beehive. When the cast laughs at him, he defends himself until Kevin walks in sporting the same do. Plus, Principal Pimpell and Coach Kreeton!

Episode 352

S3 E15
Nov 8, 1997
Amanda pours too much popcorn into the popcorn machine, and then can't find the top. The room fills with popcorn, attracting an aquatic predator. Plus, Superdude's evil twin!

Episode 354

S3 E17
Sep 13, 1997
Lori Beth and the giant ear of corn are fighting. Amanda convinces them they're the best of friends by showing them having "great times." Plus, Okrah and Piganoid Swinestein!

Episode 355

S3 E18
Oct 4, 1997
A delivery man brings the cast their lunches. Kel gets the wrong sandwich. Amanda gets golf balls. Alisa gets a firehose. Tricia gets fried hair. Josh gets a foot. But Kenan's lunch is almost perfect. Plus, Vital Information and Whacky Class!

Episode 356

S3 E19
Sep 6, 1997
The entire cast, except for Amanda, enters the green room and one by one they climb into a big box. Amanda comes in, hears the others in the box, picks it up and carries it out to start the show. Plus, a food critic goes to Good Burger!

Episode 357

S3 E20
Oct 25, 1997
Kel, Alisa, and Tricia enter the green room and find a lifeguard on duty. They walk out only to start drowning. He rescues them one by one and they start the show. Plus, Lunch Lady and audience fishing!