Season 4

Episode Guide

Episode 459

S4 E1
Nov 15, 1997
The cast receives a complimentary letter from their biggest fan, Danny Tamberelli. They enjoy the letter so much they pay him a visit and add him to the cast, along with his friends Christy and Leon.

Episode 460

S4 E2
Nov 22, 1997
Kenan can't go on unless his teeth are clean and he's lost his toothbrush. The girls' room will never be the same after Repairman enters. Vital Information. What Do You Do? A new game show. Jack Campbell Fat Cop.

Episode 461

S4 E3
Dec 6, 1997
Randy and Grandy. Vital Information. Leroy and his puppet pal, Fuzz, debate the merits of homework. Pierre Escargot. Welcome to the wacky world of We Got Pants, a retail store with only one pair of pants.

Episode 462

S4 E4
Dec 20, 1997
The cast is trapped in a jail cell in the green room and make several attempts to escape. Good Burger: Good Manager. Vital Information. Have a Nice Day: Leroy and Fuzz. CJ & The Cloudy Knights.

Episode 463

S4 E5
Dec 27, 1997
Amanda and Kenan bump heads while playing ping pong and exchange voices. Miss Piddlin is called upon to cater a dinner for the Finker family. Vital Information. Ask Ashley. One of Miss Fingerly's students attends class while he is sleepwalking.

Episode 464

S4 E6
Jan 10, 1998
A giant meteor is headed directly for the green room, threatening to destroy the cast. Fortunately, when the meteor strikes it only hits Kevin.

Episode 465

S4 E7
Jan 3, 1998
Amanda takes on all comers in a staring contest. Randy and Jack - Fat Cop. Vital Information. What Everrr: A talk show for teens, by teens. The Board: Fitness guru Toby Brawn and his assistant, Helga sing the praises of a piece of exercise equipment.

Episode 466

S4 E8
Jan 17, 1998
Amanda takes up magic as a hobby. Good Burger: Good Shrimp Promo. Vital Information. Jimmy Bond: Agent Jimmy Bond is back and better than ever. This time he's battling the combined forces of Hot Toe and Coldfinger.

Episode 467

S4 E9
Jan 24, 1998
Josh is stuck on a treadmill. Superdude vs. Cowboy. Vital Information. Ask Ashley. Pierre Escargot. Show and Tell Monster: One of Miss Fingerly's students decides to bring in a monster as his show and tell.

Episode 468

S4 E10
Jan 31, 1998
The cast mills around fishing -- for pork! Babysittin' Kreeton. Vital Information. Bad Dentist: Lester Oaks regrets his visit to Dr. Bynes. Bully: Sweet little Jessica is sent to Bully School by her bully parents.

Episode 469

S4 E11
Feb 7, 1998
Danny has a set of bad tonsils, so it's up to Amanda, Leon, Josh, and Lori Beth to get them out. Mavis and Clavis 100th Reunion. Vital Information. What Everrr. Inept detective, Detective Dan, is back and screwing things up as usual.

Episode 470

S4 E12
Feb 21, 1998
Christy's out of juice so the cast whips out the jumper cables. Space Sketch. Vital Information. I Love Lucy. Pierre Escargot. Leroy and Fuzz - Have a Nice Day. Peter and Flem.

Episode 471

S4 E13
Mar 7, 1998
Danny removes his shoes and the stench is more than the cast and crew can bare. Even Danny's mom and the studio audience fall victim to the putrid odor. Good Burger. Vital Information. Loud Librarian. What Do You Do?

Episode 472

S4 E14
Nov 21, 1998
When Amanda is missing, the kids employ Danny's keen sense of smell to locate her. Space Sketch. Vital Information. What Everrr: Special guest, Los Angeles Laker Kobe Bryant. Pierre Escargot. Have a Nice Day with Leroy and Fuzz. Peter and Flem.

Episode 473

S4 E15
Nov 7, 1998
Amanda and Leon construct a spaceship. Cooking with Coach Kreeton. Vital Information. Ho Down Show Down: Wild west chaos ensues when the Slappy Brothers square off against Nasty Nancy and Dusty Pants. Ask Ashley.

Episode 474

S4 E16
Oct 10, 1998
The kids engage in an exciting dart game. Miss Piddlin vs. Carrot Lady. Vital Information. Faculty Meeting: Principal Pimpell is going out for surgery and he has to pick a replacement. Loud Librarian.

Episode 475

S4 E17
Oct 17, 1998
Danny has a nightmare in which the cast all take on the look and personality of Kevin. Repairman vs. Car. Vital Information. Complaint Department. Pierre Escargot. Chaos ensues in the classroom as Pinkus plays a series of practical jokes on himself.

Episode 476

S4 E18
Nov 14, 1998
The cast builds a Danny robot to replace the real Danny. What Everrr. Vital Information. A birthday party thrown by Coach Kreeton's colleagues proves to be hazardous. Peter & Flem. Have a Nice Day with Leroy & Fuzz. Vital Information.

Episode 477

S4 E19
Oct 24, 1998
The cast assembles for a cold open performed almost completely in Spanish. Miss Piddlin Halloween. Vital Information. Mavis and Clavis Lost at Sea. Ask Ashley. Mr. Thezby, an acting coach decides to give Josh and Amanda acting lessons.

Episode 478

S4 E20
Nov 28, 1998
Two bullies harassing the Big Ear of Corn prompt the All That gang to use unwitting Danny to anger them out of the green room. Detective Dan in the Classroom. Vital Information. Officer Colby's Lecture. Pierre Escargot. Peter & Flem.

Episode 479

S4 E21
Dec 5, 1998
Why is there a creepy scarecrow in the green room? I Still Love Lucy: An homage to the famed sitcom. Vital Information. Madame Pachinko invites customers in to have their futures told and be abused along the way. Headless Harold. Step on a Crack.