Season 2

Episode Guide


S2 E1
Feb 16, 2010
North Carolina beach bunny who loves partying realizes her long-distance boyfriend isn't coming back, and that she's too immature to raise a baby herself.


S2 E2
Feb 23, 2010
Nikki is half prankster, half princess, whose posse of friends adore her but hate her disrespectful, trouble-making boyfriend Josh. Can she convince her friends and family that Josh is worthy of being a father to their son?


S2 E3
Mar 9, 2010
Popular senior is caught up with her school life and fighting with her boyfriend Adam. She thinks things will go back to normal after she gives birth, but instead learns that she can choose her daughter above everything else.


S2 E4
Mar 16, 2010
Lori's parents want her to choose adoption, but as someone who was adopted herself, Lori doesn't want her baby to be haunted by all that's haunted her. With an ex-boyfriend who is unreliable, she eventually realizes that she may have no other options.


S2 E5
Mar 23, 2010
Samantha is a cute, bubbly 'good girl' who never misses a homework assignment but devastates her family when she follows in her mother's footsteps and becomes a teen mom.


S2 E6
Mar 30, 2010
Nicole is dating a 15 year old. Although they are very in love, not everyone in the family is supportive and they both have a lot of growing up to do.


S2 E7
Apr 6, 2010
This West Virignia cheerleader is having twins with the boy she was dating for one month. And if that wasn't already hard enough, she develops health complications that put the babies lives at risk.


S2 E8
Apr 13, 2010
When Lizzie's pregnancy forces her to drop out of high school and the marching band, Lizzie looks to her boyfriend Skylar for support...until she discovers he hasn't always been faithful.


S2 E9
Apr 20, 2010
Kailyn's mom left her pregnant daughter to move in with her boyfriend, forcing Kailyn to move in with her immature boyfriend and his family. Lost, she reaches out to the father she's never known for help.


S2 E10
Oct 26, 2010
Tomboy Brooke spends all her free time tuning up cars and driving on racetracks. However, with a baby on the way, Brooke and husband Cody work to balance life as high school students while trying to move into their own place.


S2 E11
Nov 2, 2010
The youngest of five, Felicia is the only one in her family who still has the chance to graduate high school. But when her boyfriend stops supporting her and she moves out of her family home, will she be forced to drop out?


S2 E12
Nov 9, 2010
An all American girl has to hang up her majorette baton after getting pregnant. Moving an hour away from her boyfriend, Emily faces the pressure of starting over in a new school and new town.


S2 E13
Nov 16, 2010
Trying to finish her senior year, Markai and her boyfriend James might be kicked out of her house when her disapproving mother has had enough. But will their relationship survive James' infidelity?


S2 E14
Nov 23, 2010
Aubrey and Brandon must prepare a new life together, all while she tries to get her GED. They get married, but their fresh start might cause them to resent one another because of all they've had to give up.


S2 E15
Nov 30, 2010
Christinna and football star Isiah have had to change their college plans as they prepare for their baby. His family is furious when he gives up his scholarship. Can they make it on their own or is the pressure too much?


S2 E16
Dec 7, 2010
Kayla is a southern belle with friends, horses, and a personal trainer. But now that she's pregnant, she has to start making her own tough decisions about marriage and her ability to make it without the help of her parents.


S2 E17
Dec 14, 2010
Megan gets pregnant and plans to raise the baby in her parent's basement with the help of her video game playing boyfriend, Nathan. With no idea of how to earn a living after she graduates high school, Megan has to grow up fast.


S2 E18
Dec 21, 2010
With no babydaddy, and with her family pushing for adoption, Ashley realizes that she can't let go and hopes that her aunt and uncle will adopt the baby. But she soon realizes that she's not sure she can live with her decision.

Season 2A Reunion

S2 E19
Apr 20, 2010
Dr. Drew hosts an emotional finale as all of this season's teen mothers come together with their boyfriends & parents to talk about the issues they face.

Life After Labor Finale Special: Hosted By Dr. Drew

S2 E20
Dec 28, 2011
Dr. Drew hosts an emotional finale as 9 teen mothers share a stage. Brooke, Felicia, Emily, Markai, Aubrey, Christinna, Kayla, Megan and Ashley come together with their boyfriends & parents to talk about the issues they face.