Season 5

Episode Guide


S5 E1
Apr 14, 2014
After a brutal breakup with her boyfriend, Maddy was on the rebound and met Cody. They hooked up after knowing each other for only 20 minutes and she got pregnant. Will Maddy be forced to move in with a guy she barely knows?


S5 E2
Apr 21, 2014
Ex-party girl tries to get her stoner boyfriend to straighten up before their bundle of joy arrives.


S5 E3
Apr 28, 2014
Party Girl with troubled past gets pregnant while her mom is in jail.


S5 E4
May 5, 2014
For this artsy girl, forgiving the father of her child might not be as easy as she thinks.


S5 E5
May 12, 2014
Southern girl tries to rebuild a relationship with her mom who is struggling with addiction


S5 E6
May 19, 2014
Good girl manages bad boy antics as she's expecting twins


S5 E7
May 26, 2014
Diabetic reformed bad girl must juggle a new baby and being a stepmom.


S5 E8
Jun 2, 2014
Sassy midwestern teen loses her parent's trust when she breaks their house rules.


S5 E9
Jun 20, 2014
Girly girl winds up pregnant and homeless.


S5 E10
Jun 10, 2014
Resilient teen tries to date a guy who is not the father of her baby.


S5 E11
Jun 22, 2014
Christian girl struggles with abstinence and passing along a cleft lip to her unborn son.


S5 E12
Jun 22, 2014
Sensitive girl tries to co-parent with ex-boyfriend turned friend.

Season 5 Reunion

S5 E13
Jul 1, 2014
The cast from the fifth season of 16 and Pregnant update Dr. Drew on the challenges they are facing. Three couples reunite for the first time since filming ended, while sparks fly over accusations about paternity and addiciton.