Season 3

Episode Guide

A Kiss is Just a Kiss

S3 E1
Sep 28, 2016
As Caitlin goes back to college, Liza struggles with her feelings for Josh and Charles, and Lauren and Diana try to help Kelsey with her grief.

The Marshmallow Experiment

S3 E2
Oct 5, 2016
A billionaire visits Empirical, and Liza's identity is threatened as Kelsey tries to figure out the password to Thad's laptop.

Last Days of Books

S3 E3
Oct 12, 2016
Liza's two worlds could collide as she works for a cause, and Lauren questions what she really wants.

A Night at the Opera

S3 E4
Oct 19, 2016
Empirical's new investor wants YouTube stars on the roster, and construction has a surprising effect on Diana.

P is for Pancake

S3 E5
Oct 26, 2016
Kelsey meets a seemingly perfect guy, Maggie finds herself attracted to someone new, and Josh puts his relationship with Liza under the microscope.

Me, Myself, and O

S3 E6
Nov 2, 2016
Liza and Kelsey pursue an erotica author with a pseudonym, and Maggie has a misunderstanding.

Ladies Who Lust

S3 E7
Nov 9, 2016
A women's erotica event threatens to expose the truth about Empirical's anonymous author, and Maggie impresses her new partner's friends.

What's Up, Dock?

S3 E8
Nov 16, 2016
Liza works toward finalizing her divorce, Diana meets an attractive man outside of the office, and Kelsey gets to know a journalist.

Summer Friday

S3 E9
Nov 30, 2016
Diana steps outside of her comfort zone, Kelsey overshares, and Josh feels disappointed by Liza's past experiences.

Pigeons, Parrots, and Storks

S3 E10
Dec 7, 2016
Liza and Josh's future together is called into question, and Diana takes a chance in her romantic life.

A Book Fair to Remember

S3 E11
Jun 24, 2017
Liza goes to great lengths to protect her secret, Kelsey fears she's being one-upped by Colin, and Josh contemplates his future.

Get Real

S3 E12
Jun 24, 2017
Kelsey's living arrangement gets murky, Liza has an eye-opening experience thanks to a life coach, and Diana's parrot learns to speak.