Season 3

Episode Guide

Stairing Down The Competition

S3 E1
Apr 17, 2018
Challenge All-Stars meet a new group of professional athletes and entertainment high rollers for a high stakes competition in the name of charity...and the title of Ultimate Challenge MVP.

Over The Edge and Under A Bus

S3 E2
Apr 24, 2018
One player manages to ruffle feathers with some of the other girls. Meanwhile, a flirtatious relationship develops between a champ and a star.

From Rainbows to Storm Clouds

S3 E3
May 1, 2018
Tensions rise with one Star out for revenge against the person who sent him to elimination. Meanwhile, one team tries to remain a uniformed front, even though some members of the team actively try to plot against others.

Face Off, Gloves On

S3 E4
May 8, 2018
The champs and stars engage in an extremely physical challenge that leaves one player ready to quit the game entirely and another injured and questioning their ability to stay and compete.

Fire in the Heart, Ice in the Veins

S3 E5
May 15, 2018
The teams compete in a life-size game of Jumbo Table Hockey. One contestant tries to sabotage their own team and lose the challenge, while the other team struggles to work together, and end up turning on each other.

Champs Caught in Cross Fire

S3 E6
May 22, 2018
With even numbers of Champs and Stars on the red squad, the stars orchestrate a plan to take back control of their game. The Miz sends both teams into a spiral with a twist.

Go Deep, or Go Home

S3 E7
May 29, 2018
Team red and blue are now teams of two- and no one is safe anymore with their alliances.

When Loyalty is Spot On

S3 E8
Jun 5, 2018
In a challenge designed to purge the weakest of players out of the competition, the players compete to be the last ones standing. Two contestants get into an explosive shouting match when one accuses the other of cheating.

Crossed Words and Mixed Signals

S3 E9
Jun 12, 2018
Four remaining teams battle it out on the beach in a challenge that mixes speed, solving puzzles, and a bit of pop culture.

Bank Rolling in the Deep

S3 E10
Jun 19, 2018
Three teams remain and battle it out in this epic Champs vs Stars finale!

Champs Vs. Stars Reunion

S3 E11
Jun 26, 2018
The Miz and the cast of The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars dish on this seasons competition and drama.