Season 2

Episode Guide

Tow Big, or Tow Home

S2 E1
Nov 20, 2017
Challenge All-Stars meet a new group of professional athletes, Olympic medalists, and entertainment high rollers in a high stakes competition all in the name of charity...and their own personal bragging rights. One contestant gets taken out of the show

Parkour all Obstacles

S2 E2
Nov 27, 2017
Tensions arise when one star declares he wants nothing to do with the Champs team. An injury threatens to jeopardize one players standing in the game, while a family crisis may decide another's fate.

Slamballs and Elbow Brawls

S2 E3
Dec 04, 2017
One player makes a surprise decision, while another receives a disturbing call from home. One of the Champs is accused of playing too dirty. An elimination threatens to pit two friends against each other, and sends another competitor completely MIA.

When Push Comes to Shoving Stars

S2 E4
Dec 11, 2017
A new player arrives to join the competition, while one of the teams struggle to keep themselves together. The Champs and Stars partake in an extremely physical challenge. Meanwhile, a newly formed alliance threatens to change the course of the game.

Playing Me For the Foos

S2 E5
Dec 18, 2017
A representative from one player's charity makes a visit. An old rivalry once again resurfaces. While one team is united with their vote for elimination, another is torn apart, with one competitor betrayed and out for vengeance.

Flag Poles and False Hopes

S2 E6
Dec 25, 2017
One player's vendetta leads to a surprising choice for MVP. While one alliance scrambles to save themselves, another trys to take out a strong competitor. One contestant is blindsided by their team, while a surprise announcement changes the stakes.

Sink, Purge, Repeat

S2 E7
Jan 01, 2018
The remaining players are shocked with a game changing announcement. Two bitter rivals are forced to compete for only one final spot, while another player's betrayal seals their fate in the game.

It's The Final Countdown

S2 E8
Jan 08, 2018
The last players standing compete in one final test of agility, tenacity, endurance and strength. One team takes home $150,000 for the their charities, and is named the winner of Champs vs. Stars.