Season 1

Episode Guide

Like Father, Like Daughter

S1 E1
Sep 13, 1978
The cabbies embark on a wild ride so Alex can meet his long lost daughter.

One-Punch Banta

S1 E2
Sep 20, 1978
Tony gets a chance to be in the ring with boxing champ Carlos Palomino.

Blind Date

S1 E3
Sep 27, 1978
Alex falls in love with the sexy voice on an answering service.

Bobby's Acting Career

S1 E4
Oct 6, 1978
Bobby intends to give up acting if he doesn't land a role by midnight.

Come As You Aren't

S1 E5
Oct 11, 1978
Elaine's reputation is at stake when the cabbies crash her highbrow party.

The Great Line

S1 E6
Oct 18, 1978
John seeks the gang's advice for a foolproof line to pick up a pretty girl.

High School Reunion

S1 E7
Oct 25, 1978
Louie uses Bobby as his stand-in at his high school reunion.

Paper Marriage

S1 E8
Oct 31, 1978
The cabbies hire a "working girl" to marry Latka in order to avoid deportation.

Money Troubles

S1 E9
Nov 15, 1978
Newlyweds John and Suzanne lose financial support from her parents.

Men Are Such Beasts

S1 E10
Nov 22, 1978
Tony's about to break up with his girlfriend and she joins the cab co. to be with him.

Memories Of Cab 804, Part 1

S1 E11
Nov 29, 1978
The gang reminisces about Cab 804 memories when it’s struck in an accident.

Memories Of Cab 804, Part 2

S1 E12
Dec 6, 1978
The cabbies continue to reminisce about Cab 804 while waiting to hear of its fate.

A Full House for Christmas

S1 E13
Dec 13, 1978
Louie squares off against his cardshark brother in a high stakes poker game.

Sugar Mama

S1 E14
Jan 17, 1979
Alex looks like a gigolo when a lonely old lady uses her wealth to buy his friendship.


S1 E15
Jan 31, 1979
Tony tries to replace Bobby's dead fish when he forgets to feed him.

Louie Sees the Light

S1 E16
Feb 7, 1979
Louie promises God that he will change when he faces the fear of dying.

Elaine and The Lame Duck

S1 E17
Feb 14, 1979
Elaine has a disastrous evening with a klutzy congressman.

Bobby's Big Break

S1 E18
Feb 16, 1979
Bobby tears up his cab license and throws it at Louie when he lands an acting gig.

Mama Gravas

S1 E19
Feb 28, 1979
Alex has a one-night affair with Latka's attractive and youthful mother.

Alex Tastes Death And Finds A Nice Restaurant

S1 E20
Mar 7, 1979
Alex gets held at gunpoint on the job and quits to work at a restaurant.

Hollywood Calling

S1 E21
May 9, 1979
A film company wines and dines the cabbies to get the inside scoop on taxi drivers.

Substitute Father

S1 E22
May 16, 1979
The cabbies take turns babysitting Elaine's son while she is out of town.