Season 26

Episode Guide

She Annoys Me Greatly

S26 E1
Feb 14, 2013
In a special 90-minute premiere, the 20 castaways are split up into two tribes, "The Bikal Tribe," made up of former players deemed favorites, and "The Gota Tribe," comprised of ultimate fans of the game.

Honey Badger

S26 E2
Feb 21, 2013
Following the first elimination of the season, Brandon targets Dawn as the leader of what he sees as an unsuitable vote and matchless teamwork and disorganization from one tribe leaves little room for competition during a tiered Immunity Challenge.

There's Gonna Be Hell To Pay

S26 E3
Feb 28, 2013
Corinne and Malcolm's special bond leads to a discovery that could liven up the game, and alliances shift and unrest ensues just before an intense Tribal Council.

Kill or Be Killed

S26 E4
Mar 7, 2013
After suffering a medical emergency, one Castaway's ability to play the game is in danger.

Persona Non Grata

S26 E5
Mar 13, 2013
The Favorites must contend with an out-of-control Brandon when he stuns his tribemates and reveals his hidden desire to sabotage their camp, leading up to a history-making meltdown.

Operation Thunder Dome

S26 E6
Mar 20, 2013
A shake-up with the Tribes creates chaos and new alliances. Meanwhile, the game is thrown off-balance when one Tribe's change results in a strength disparity between Gota and Bikal.

Tubby Lunchbox

S26 E7
Mar 27, 2013
As the newly formed Bikal Tribe continues to struggle physically in challenges, they grow increasingly tired of Phillip's attitude. Meanwhile, over at the Gota Tribe, Reynold shares confidential information about his hidden Immunity Idol that could change his game.

Blindside Time

S26 E8
Apr 3, 2013
All bets are off when Bikal and Gota merge, as castaways reunite to plot a potential blindside in the new tribe. Also, with individual immunity now on the line, castaways must stomach exotic foods of beetle larvae and brains during a classic "Survivor" food eating challenge.

Cut Off the Head of the Snake

S26 E9
Apr 10, 2013
One castaway learns a secret that will potentially change the game, and chaos ensues when confused castaways are undecided on whether to vote out an easy target or blindside a big threat.

Zipping Over the Cuckoo's Nest

S26 E10
Apr 17, 2013
An accident threatens one castaway's future in the game, and in one of the most shocking Tribal Councils, a huge revelation forces an alliance to scramble and potentially turn on each other.

Come Over to the Dark Side

S26 E11
Apr 24, 2013
The popular food auction returns and the Three Amigos concoct a lie in attempt to take control of the game.

The Beginning of the End

S26 E12
May 1, 2013
Two immunity challenges and two Tribal Councils raise the stakes, forcing castaways to consider big moves on their biggest threats.

Don't Say Anything About My Mom

S26 E13
May 8, 2013
Castaways get a much-needed morale boost with a visit from their loved ones, and one Survivor is faced with a game-changing decision.

Last Push

S26 E14
May 11, 2013
With the title of Sole Survivor on the line and $1 million within arm's reach, one castaway falls victim to a heartbreaking medical emergency.

Live Reunion

S26 E15
May 13, 2013
The castaways reunite in Los Angeles to discuss the season. Hosted by Jeff Probst