Season 10

Episode Guide

This Has Never Happened Before!

S10 E1
Feb 18, 2005
As twenty castaways row one large boat through the waters surrounding Palau, host Jeff Probst points them towards their new beach and indicates there will be two machetes and a map to water waiting for them. In addition, he indicates there will be two Immunity necklaces for the first man and the first woman to reach shore. With that, Probst departs and the anticipation and panic sets in.

Love Is In the Air, Rats Are Everywhere

S10 E2
Feb 25, 2005
One tribe's beach is overrun with unwelcome little visitors. One Survivor is suspicious about a special alliance developing between two tribemates. While enjoying a feast, a tribe notices one member's reclusive behavior. A tribe attempts to recover a lost provision. Will they be successful in the task, or will they succumb to exhaustion?

Dangerous Creatures and Horrible Setbacks

S10 E3
Mar 4, 2005
One tribe relaxes after winning a Challenge, which annoys a tribemate frustrated with the lack of a work ethic. A war of words erupts between two tribe members as one lays into the other for being bossy. Just as a Challenge is set to begin, one tribe faces a setback when a member suffers an injury.

Sumo At Sea

S10 E4
Mar 11, 2005
Tensions rise within both tribes when they are forced to choose leaders for the next Reward Challenge. What role will the leaders play? One castaway becomes annoyed when a tribemate complains of having no energy and doesn't help the tribe. Spirits are high within a tribe when they win a Challenge and an extraordinary Reward.

The Best and Worst Reward Ever

S10 E5
Mar 17, 2005
Low morale for one tribe sinks even lower when they abandon their camp in search of a cave for shelter from a storm...

Jellyfish 'n' Chips

S10 E6
Mar 24, 2005
Tensions flare between two tribemates when one blames the other for the tribe's loss in a Challenge. A tribe's high morale is not enough to keep one Survivor from being annoyed by a tribemate's uselessness around camp. After a miserable night in a typhoon, one Survivor has an emotional and physical breakdown.

The Great White Shark Hunter

S10 E7
Apr 1, 2005
Two Survivors battle to provide for their tribe. One brings home a clam; one brings home a shark. Sitting out a Challenge, one Survivor finds it hard to watch from the sidelines and doubts the tribe's ability to win. A tribe member is suspicious of a potential alliance forming between two very friendly tribemates that could spoil a game plan.

Neanderthal Man

S10 E8
Apr 8, 2005
A Survivor becomes irritated with the tribe's living conditions and lack of maintenance around camp, which has attracted unwelcome visitors. Several weeks surviving on an island has driven one Survivor to exhibit unruly behavior, much to the concern of a tribemate. The Survivors get a chance to sample a Palauan delicacy, which can be rather difficult to swallow.

I Will Not Give Up

S10 E9
Apr 15, 2005
One Survivor struggles to endure a hard night as life on the island becomes tougher this deep into the game. After being excluded from a tribal excursion, one Survivor throws a tantrum. One tribe enjoys a memorable evening, especially for the member who overindulges a bit.

Exile Island

S10 E10
Apr 22, 2005
An unexpected performance by a tribemate during a Challenge results in a victory for the team. One castaway confronts her tribe, leaving everyone feeling uncomfortable and leaving her feeling alienated. A twist at a Challenge brings very bad news for one Survivor. In danger of going on the chopping block, a Survivor makes a heartfelt plea not to be voted off. Will this plea fall on deaf ears?

I'll Show You How Threatening I Am

S10 E11
Apr 29, 2005
Some Survivors entertain the idea of forming a secret alliance and persuade a tribemate to join their pact. A Survivor heeds some advice and makes personal hygiene improvements, delighting the tribe. As the game nears its conclusion, three castaways formulate individual strategies for surviving the upcoming Tribal Council.

We'll Make You Pay

S10 E12
May 6, 2005
The aftermath of an emotional Tribal Council and stormy weather combine for a night the tribe will never forget. To their surprise and delight, some Survivors are overwhelmed by a visit from their loved ones. A strong alliance leaves one castaway on the outside looking in, with Immunity the only chance for survival.

It Could All Backfire

S10 E13
May 13, 2005
Gender lines are drawn as one group hatches a plan to vote off the Survivor who doesn't win Immunity. One Survivor feels betrayed when the winner of a Challenge chooses a different tribemate to enjoy the Reward. Going into Tribal Council, one Survivor holds the power and is torn between an alliance and a friendship. Which way will the vote swing?

The Ultimate Shock

S10 E14
May 15, 2005
The Final Four rethink their strategies when a once-solid alliance dissolves with the slip of a tongue. After an emotional Tribal Council, arguments erupt, feelings are hurt and friendships are questioned. A shocking development during the Final Immunity Challenge promises to go down in Survivor history. Tears and harsh words fuel a tense session between the Jury and the Final Two.

Live Reunion Show

S10 E15
May 16, 2005
In front of a live studio audience and the entire cast of PALAU, Jeff Probst reveals the results of the Jury vote and announces the Sole Survivor and winner of $1 million.