Season 16

Episode Guide

You Guys Are Dumber Than You Look

S16 E1
Feb 8, 2008
For the first time in Survivor history, a tribe of idolizing ultra-Fans is surprised when they come face-to-face with a tribe of Favorites from Survivor's past.

The Sounds of Jungle Love

S16 E2
Feb 15, 2008
The sounds of two castaways smooching through the night keeps one tribe awake. Meanwhile, at the other camp, one thoughtless castaway kicks three of its members out of the shelter, forcing them to fend for themselves.

I Should Be Carried On the Chariot-Type Thing!

S16 E3
Feb 22, 2008
The Fans finally get the matchup they've been waiting for when they learn they must compete head-to-head in a full contact battle with the Favorites. Meanwhile, one castaway is torn between two alliances and makes demands in order to get what she wants.

That's Baked, Barbecued And Fried!

S16 E4
Feb 29, 2008
One castaway carves a fake immunity idol out of a piece of wood in order to replace the real idol they found on Exile Island. Will the fake idol be good enough to fool the other castaways? Meanwhile, another mastermind emerges ... pitting two power players against each other.

He's a Ball of Goo!

S16 E5
Mar 7, 2008
After battling each other as Fans vs. Favorites, the tribes finally switch. After an intense reward challenge, several castmates return to camp with injuries, and one proves serious enough to threaten the fate of the castaway's future in the game.

It Hit Everyone Pretty Hard

S16 E6
Mar 14, 2008
One castaway's medical emergency changes the course of the game for the remaining castaways. Meanwhile, on Exile Island, the fake immunity idol finds its way into the hands of Ozzy's arch-rival.

Like a Wide-Eyed Kid In a Candy Store

S16 E7
Mar 20, 2008
After the reward challenge, one castaway is torn between staying true to their tribe or going home to their loved ones. Meanwhile, one of the Survivor Favorites takes an eager Fan under his wing, causing others to worry about this new bond.

A Lost Puppy Dog

S16 E8
Apr 4, 2008
Girl Power transpires when a few of the women from one tribe devise a plan to target the strong men. Alone and isolated, one castaway takes desperate measures to stay in the game.

I'm In Such a Hot Pickle!

S16 E9
Apr 11, 2008
After the tribes merge, the Fans are outnumbered by the Favorites. Meanwhile, one castaway's hope for survival in the game dramatically weakens after receiving the fake immunity idol, a carved stick wrapped in a napkin.

I Promise...

S16 E10
Apr 18, 2008
Desperate for friends and allies, one castaway sacrifices immunity in order to stay in the game. Meanwhile, another castaway has made promises to too many friends, forcing an alliance betrayal at Tribal Council.

I'm Ruthless and I Have a Smile On My Face

S16 E11
Apr 25, 2008
A Fan emerges as a real game player after devising a plan that threatens to sacrifice one of their own. Flirtation between two castaways devolves into bitter tension after one loses trust in the other.

I'm Gonna Fix Her

S16 E12
May 2, 2008
One castaway goes from being a power player to the most desperate of all before making a huge discovery that could change the course of the game. Meanwhile, Alexis and James both suffer injuries that could potentially threaten their fate.

If It Smells Like a Rat, Give It Cheese

S16 E13
May 9, 2008
The women on the tribe use their powers of seduction to test the only man remaining in the game. Will he fight temptation or will it cost him the game?

Stir the Pot!

S16 E14
May 12, 2008
What started as an epic battle between Fans versus Favorites comes to a dramatic end. Find out which castaway reaches their breaking point, and which one is left bursting with emotions at the Final Tribal Council.

Live Reunion Show

S16 E15
May 12, 2008
The Survivors get together for the first time since being in Micronesia to discuss the results of the game.