Season 2

Episode Guide

King Arthur

S2 E1
Aug 13, 2018
King Arthur. His very name evokes heroic acts, epic quests, and a forgotten age of chivalry. Most experts believe the monarch was simply a legendary figure, but powerful new scientific and archaeological evidence suggests that these mythic tales have their roots in history. Travel to ancient sacred sites across England and Wales to examine these fascinating discoveries and attempt to solve the mystery of whether Arthur was a real person, or just a fable.


S2 E2
Aug 20, 2018
In the tropical forests of Mexico and Guatemala stand the sacred sites of the ancient Mayan civilization. Recent scientific discoveries suggest that these monumental temples and pyramids were built to align with not only the heavens, but an equally mysterious supernatural underworld. Travel to the great cities of Palenque, Tikal, and Chichen Itza, where groundbreaking research may locate the most sacred Mayan site of all: the mystical center of the world, which links the underworld, the earth, and the heavens.

The Camino

S2 E3
Aug 27, 2018
For more than a thousand years, Christian pilgrims have traveled across Europe to walk a sacred path in Northern Spain known as the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. They travel to pray at the tomb of St. James, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus of Nazareth. But now, scholars are exploring the possibility that the Camino may have been a sacred path long before the Christian Age, and new science is questioning whether or not the physical remnants at the tomb are in fact those of James.


S2 E4
Sep 03, 2018
The Mediterranean island of Malta and her sister island Gozo are home to some of the oldest sacred sites in the world. Built over 5,000 years ago, they were created by a sophisticated civilization known as the Temple Culture, which flourished for over a thousand years before vanishing. Now, a team of archaeologists and scientists are exploring these ancient sites to see if the Temple People may have left behind clues explaining their disappearance and what implications--if any--their collapse has on modern society.

Egyptian Priestesses

S2 E5
Sep 10, 2018
Much is known about the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, but new archaeology has revealed evidence of another powerful religious and political position, one led by women. Until recently, the God's Wives of Amun were all but forgotten, but Egyptologists exploring sacred sites have rediscovered their remarkable story. Learn the source of these women's power, explore their religious ceremonies and festivals, and see how they blazed a trail for the most famous Egyptian queen of all: Cleopatra.

Nazi Myths

S2 E6
Sep 17, 2018
In the 1930s, Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler were convinced Aryans from the mythological land of Atlantis really existed and founded great civilizations across the world. To prove their theory, a special SS division called the Ahnenerbe was formed to carry out archaeological investigations at ancient sites. Join us as we explore the Externsteine, Buddhist temples, and other sacred sites the Nazis hijacked to justify a sinister ideology--one that would have horrific consequences for the lives of millions.

Temples of the Priestesses

S2 E7
Mar 01, 2021
For thousands of years, the world has been dominated by men. But at different times and places, women played a dynamic role in ancient civilizations--a role that has been all but written out of history...until now. Follow archaeologists to ancient sites in Greece, Egypt, Spain, and beyond, where wise women and priestesses communed with mother goddesses and fertility deities and occupied a central place in society. Then see how shifts in technology and religion placed women under threat like never before, with shocking and horrific consequences.


S2 E8
Mar 08, 2021
Over millennia, human societies across the globe have been hit by cataclysms that have obliterated entire civilizations, leaving only the timeworn ruins of their great monuments and sacred sites. Follow archaeologists to Malta, Orkney Island, and the locations of ancient Mayan cities as they investigate evidence of past apocalyptic events. Then see how, in the wake of disaster, new societies have emerged, along with new understandings of who we are and what our place is in the universe.