Season 5

Episode Guide

Episode #501

S5 E1
Jan 14, 2006
Michael throws a surprise anniversary party for Melanie and Lindsay.

Episode #502

S5 E2
Jan 14, 2006
Brian re-opens Babylon but finds that the party boys have disappeared.

Episode #503

S5 E3
May 30, 2005
Brian and Michael grow further apart as their life paths diverge.

Episode #504

S5 E4
Jun 6, 2005
Brian refuses to yield in his negative opinion of marriage.

Episode #505

S5 E5
Jun 13, 2005
Brian has news to share with Justin and all of his former partners.

Episode #506

S5 E6
Jun 20, 2005
Brian's reign as hottest man at Babylon is challenged.

Episode #507

S5 E7
Jun 27, 2005
Proposition 14 threatens same-sex couples.

Episode #508

S5 E8
Jul 4, 2005
Justin lands in jail while Ben grieves Hunter's departure.

Episode #509

S5 E9
Jul 11, 2005
The gang fights against Proposition 14; Drew finally comes out.

Episode #510

S5 E10
Jul 18, 2005
Babylon plays host to the "Stop Prop14" benefit with Cyndi Lauper.

Episode #511

S5 E11
Jul 25, 2005
In the wake of the bombing, Brian reevaluates his life as Michael recovers.

Episode #512

S5 E12
Aug 1, 2005
Brian and Justin are getting married! Ted finally finds Mr. Right.

Episode #513

S5 E13
Aug 8, 2005
Brian and Justin prepare to marry; Lindsay and Melanie move to Canada.