Season 3

Episode Guide

Episode #301

S3 E1
Mar 3, 2003
Michael and Justin's comic book has an uncertain future as season 3 opens.

Episode #302

S3 E2
Mar 10, 2003
Justin must find a way to pay for school; Melanie wants another baby.

Episode #303

S3 E3
Mar 17, 2003
Brian lends his expertise to a fundraiser and considers an unusual request.

Episode #304

S3 E4
Mar 31, 2003
Lindsay and Melanie ask Michael to father their second child.

Episode #305

S3 E5
Apr 7, 2003
Brian wins a controversial politician's account, to his friends' dismay.

Episode #306

S3 E6
Apr 14, 2003
Thanks to Brian, the police chief takes the lead in the mayoral polls.

Episode #307

S3 E7
Apr 21, 2003
Out on bail, Ted begs Brian to intervene on his behalf with the chief.

Episode #308

S3 E8
Apr 28, 2003
Michael and Ben help a young hustler; Justin attempts to win Brian back.

Episode #309

S3 E9
May 12, 2003
Stockwell discovers that Brian is gay; Melanie lands a career-making case.

Episode #310

S3 E10
May 19, 2003
Brian and Justin clash over Stockwell; Michael gets on Melanie's nerves.

Episode #311

S3 E11
May 26, 2003
Brian is fired when he's caught undermining Stockwell's campaign.

Episode #312

S3 E12
Jun 9, 2003
Brian investigates the death of Dumpster Boy based on a tip from Hunter.

Episode #313

S3 E13
Jun 16, 2003
Hunter collects evidence tying Stockwell to Dumpster Boy's murder.

Episode #314

S3 E14
Jun 23, 2003
Brian risks everything to bring down Stockwell on the eve of the election.