Season 2

Episode Guide

Episode #201

S2 E1
Jan 7, 2002
Justin can't remember his bashing; Michael returns to Pittsburgh.

Episode #202

S2 E2
Jan 14, 2002
Brian helps Justin recover, Ted is fired, Michael becomes a nude waiter.

Episode #203

S2 E3
Jan 21, 2002
Brian receives an award and reconnects with Michael at a comics convention.

Episode #204

S2 E4
Jan 28, 2002
Brian, Michael, Justin and Emmett march in a gay pride parade.

Episode #205

S2 E5
Feb 4, 2002
Justin quits art school; Michael and Ted quit their jobs.

Episode #206

S2 E6
Feb 11, 2002
Ted's business disgusts Lindsay; Michael's store attracts Mr. Right.

Episode #207

S2 E7
Feb 18, 2002
Michael continues dating Ben; Emmett's web site success swells his ego.

Episode #208

S2 E8
Mar 4, 2002
Michael dates to forget Ben, Justin meets someone closer to his own age.

Episode #209

S2 E9
Mar 11, 2002
Michael fights to win Ben back, Brian meets his mom's familiar minister.

Episode #210

S2 E10
Mar 18, 2002
Michael mourns a fictional hero's death; Debbie discovers a murder victim.

Episode #211

S2 E11
Apr 1, 2002
Brian chooses between a hot Miami event and the Lindsay-Melanie wedding.

Episode #212

S2 E12
Apr 8, 2002
Michael is shocked that Ben once slept with Brian; Debbie probes a murder.

Episode #213

S2 E13
Apr 15, 2002
A drag queen bears a resemblance to Michael; Justin becomes a dancer.

Episode #214

S2 E14
Apr 29, 2002
Justin neglects his studies to dance; Michael accepts Debbie's new beau.

Episode #215

S2 E15
May 6, 2002
Michael and Justin's comic book collaboration provokes Brian's jealousy.

Episode #216

S2 E16
May 13, 2002
Michael puts together a surprise birthday party for the very reluctant Ben.

Episode #217

S2 E17
May 27, 2002
Brian must cancel vacation plans with Justin when his company is sold.

Episode #218

S2 E18
Jun 3, 2002
Justin falls for a street musician; Ben's illness takes a toll on Michael.

Episode #219

S2 E19
Jun 10, 2002
Debbie challenges homophobic cops to bowl-off.

Episode #220

S2 E20
Jun 17, 2002
Justin must choose between Brian and Ethan; Michael must let Ben go.