Season 1

Episode Guide

Episode #101

S1 E1
Jul 2, 2001
Brian picks up a teenager, then rebuffs his attempts to see him again.

Episode #102

S1 E2
Aug 13, 2001
Michael remains closeted at work - and jealous over Brian and Justin.

Episode #103

S1 E3
Dec 11, 2000
Michael gets Brian to attend the bris and runs into a closeted coworker.

Episode #104

S1 E4
Dec 18, 2000
With Ted in a coma, details of his will and a secret crush are uncovered.

Episode #105

S1 E5
Jan 8, 2001
Michael fends off an amorous coworker while Brian is propositioned at work.

Episode #106

S1 E6
Jan 22, 2001
Michael is the subject of a tug of war between his new boyfriend and Brian.

Episode #107

S1 E7
Jan 29, 2001
Justin's dad forbids him to see Brian, who stews over Michael's new love.

Episode #108

S1 E8
Feb 5, 2001
Justin moves in with Brian while Michael dates a woman to get a promotion.

Episode #109

S1 E9
Feb 12, 2001
Michael nervously prepares to meet David's sophisticated friends.

Episode #110

S1 E10
Feb 19, 2001
Michael makes a decision on a road trip to get runaway Justin in New York.

Episode #111

S1 E11
Feb 26, 2001
Newly single and lonely, Michael is outed at his surprise birthday party.

Episode #112

S1 E12
Mar 5, 2001
Brian tries to find a friend to replace Michael, who moves in with David.

Episode #113

S1 E13
Mar 12, 2001
Lindsay sends the unfaithful Melanie packing; Emmett wants to go straight.

Episode #114

S1 E14
Mar 19, 2001
Brian's sexual harassment lawsuit concludes thanks to help from Justin.

Episode #115

S1 E15
Apr 2, 2001
Ted loosens up, Michael and David host a teen guest and Brian babysits.

Episode #116

S1 E16
Apr 9, 2001
Michael quarrels with David over finances; Justin is suspended.

Episode #117

S1 E17
Apr 16, 2001
Michael excludes his friends from a classy fundraiser; Justin is harassed.

Episode #118

S1 E18
Apr 23, 2001
Justin faces a crisis when he must choose which college to enter.

Episode #119

S1 E19
Apr 30, 2001
Brian deals poorly with his conflicting emotions when his father dies.

Episode #120

S1 E20
Jun 11, 2001
An innocent mall trip lands Vic in jail; Brian's beaten at his own game.

Episode #121

S1 E21
Jun 18, 2001
Brian and Michael are offered opportunities away from Pittsburgh.

Episode #122

S1 E22
Jun 25, 2001
Michael and David prepare to move; Brian turns 30; Justin attends his prom.