Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Mall Hath No Fury

S1 E1
Sep 16, 2015
Incompetent yet stylish detective Dazzle Novak tries to take down a warlord, but gets distracted by the charms of an alluring singer with an unpronounceable name.

Lights! Camera! Reenaction!

S1 E2
Sep 23, 2015
When a television show host asks to film a reenactment of one of Dazzle's arrests, Dazzle takes his involvement in the production way too far.

The Strike Visualizer Strikes Again

S1 E3
Sep 30, 2015
Chrysalis leads a task force to catch a mysterious serial killer, and Dazzle is torn when his favorite artist becomes the prime suspect.

Quest for Aquatica

S1 E4
Oct 14, 2015
When Dazzle goes on a deep-sea mission, he gets distracted by the charms of a beautiful female dolphin.

Glitzotrene - One Town's Seduction

S1 E5
Oct 21, 2015
When the sexy flameologists of the Moonbeam City Fire Department steal the spotlight from the police force, Pizzaz and Dazzle decide to spice things up with a drug epidemic.

Lasers & Liars

S1 E6
Oct 28, 2015
Pizzaz returns to her childhood home to settle an old score with her manipulative sisters, and Rad goes to extremes to impress a group of wealthy boat owners.

Cop Con

S1 E7
Nov 11, 2015
When the entire police force heads out of town to attend Cop-Con, Dazzle and Pizzaz fall back into old habits while Rad tries to start a convention of his own.


S1 E8
Nov 18, 2015
When Rad beats Dazzle to a parking spot, Dazzle seeks the guidance of his estranged stuntman father while Rad struggles to escape the parking garage.

The Legend Of Circuit Lake

S1 E9
Dec 3, 2015
When Rad becomes trapped in virtual reality, Dazzle is charged with his murder and thrown in jail, where he finds love with an unlikely paramour.

The Wedding Of Rad (Lie)

S1 E10
Dec 10, 2015
When Dazzle becomes one half of Moonbeam City's hottest couple, Rad counters with a sham romance that quickly spirals out of his control.