• Moonbeam City Season 1

    S1 E2: Lights! Camera! Reenaction!

    21M SEP 22, 2015 TV-14

    S1 E2: When a television show host asks to film a reenactment of one of Dazzle's arrests, Dazzle takes his involvement in the production way too far.

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Moonbeam City
Comedy Central's goofy take on gritty, sex-drenched crime dramas of the 1980s is presented in the animated Moonbeam City, a retro-futuristic extravaganza that dares to go to the mean streets of mystery and criminal excess. Patrolling those streets is undercover detective Dazzle Novak, a handsome, sex-crazed blockhead who commits more crimes than most criminals. With seductive yet overbearing chief Pizzaz Miller closely watching her underling, and hotshot rookie Rad Cunningham dying to see him fail, Dazzle may be forced to do actual police work.
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Moonbeam City