Season 3

Episode Guide

Gigolo H-O-R-S-E

S3 E1
Jan 12, 2015
The men of "Gigolo House" compete in a series of challenges, Mikey returns to school with a new style and a pill addiction, and two detectives work a case in "Dead Girl Town."

Pleep Ploop

S3 E2
Jan 19, 2015
George and Gil contemplate leaving New York, Dr. Armond appears on a matchmaking show, and "Show Us Your Songs" auditions people from across the commonwealth.


S3 E3
Jan 26, 2015
The Rich Dicks experiment with dying, Liz G. goes on a mission to find herself after her new bangs get a tepid reaction, and George and Gil take their show on the road.

Karaoke Bullies

S3 E4
Feb 02, 2015
Nash Rickey helps Niece Denise confront a karaoke bully, the Pawnsylvania guys prepare for Murph's wedding, and Larry Bird tends bar on the sitcom "Chairs."

The In Addition Tos

S3 E5
Feb 09, 2015
Bobby assembles an elite team of friends to rescue his mother from Eagle Wing, C-Czar and Liz try dating other people, and Mikey questions his sexuality.

Lizards vs Penguins

S3 E6
Feb 16, 2015
PubLIZity plans a gala for the Illuminati, Fabrice Fabrice hosts a game show called "Crab Cab," and a group of cyber terrorists plans its next attack.


S3 E7
Feb 23, 2015
A terrorist attack during the National Model Parliament rocks "Wheels, Ontario," Farley hosts her own makeover show, and Maureen's twin sister visits "Chairs."

The Commonwealth Games

S3 E8
Mar 02, 2015
"Show Us Your Songs" continues its journey through the Commonwealth, Don helps Murph through a crisis, and a police officer's body is modified with high-tech gear.

Body Bouncers

S3 E9
Mar 09, 2015
The Rich Dicks open a restaurant, Ruth Diamond Phillips falls for a client, and Bobby Bottleservice shrinks himself to go inside his own body.

The Time of My Life

S3 E10
Mar 16, 2015
C-Czar pitches a new gadget, "Show Us Your Songs Commonwealth" holds its finale in London, and Detective Smart's pursuit of Dr. Armond comes to a surprising conclusion.

This Has Been Such An Amazing Experience

S3 E11
Mar 23, 2015
Wendy turns to PubLIZity for help in planning his bris mitzvah, Dr. Neuringer gets a special visit from George and Gil, and "Dead Girl Town" ends in a stunning twist.