Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Wrestling PTSD

S1 E1
May 9, 2019
Jordan trains with a group of Iraq veterans in Killeen, Texas, who put on wrestling shows in order to cope with their PTSD.

Battle in the Bayou

S1 E2
May 16, 2019
Jordan heads to Louisiana's Atchafalaya Basin, where L'eau Est La Vie protesters are trying to stop Energy Transfer from finishing an ecologically disastrous pipeline.

Underground University

S1 E3
May 23, 2019
Jordan visits Georgia to see how young undocumented immigrants are pursuing an education despite being banned from enrolling in the state's public universities.

Deported F**king Vets

S1 E4
May 27, 2019
Jordan travels to Mexico to find out why some veterans are getting deported and what activists are doing to raise awareness about the issue.

Invisible Nation

S1 E5
May 30, 2019
Jordan meets with Native American activists, politicians and artists to find out why indigenous peoples' struggles are so often overlooked and what we can do to change that.

This Is My Gun, These Are My Rights

S1 E6
Jun 6, 2019
Jordan and his colleague Kobi Libii embed themselves with two Texan organizations, one white and one black, who use guns as tools for very different kinds of advocacy.

America First, Mars Next

S1 E7
Jun 13, 2019
Jordan investigates how far humankind is from space colonization and what it will take to get there.

The New Weed War

S1 E8
Jun 20, 2019
Jordan talks to entrepreneurs involved in California's burgeoning legal cannabis scene to find out what effect the state's social equity program is having on business.