Season 3

Episode Guide

iGot A Hot Room

S3 E1
Jul 30, 2010
Spencer tries to surprise Carly for her birthday and ends up burning down her bedroom instead. But when the insurance company hands him a big check, he has a chance to make it up to her.

iSam's Mom

S3 E2
Sep 11, 2010
After fighting with her mom, Sam moves in with Carly, who soon realizes she's a horrible guest. Freddie is stalked by a dangerous criminal after catching him on video committing a crime.

iGet Pranky

S3 E3
Sep 25, 2010
Ridiculed for never pulling a prank, Carly recruits Spencer's help to prank Sam and Freddie. But after Spencer gets a taste for it, he can't stop pranking. The gang must figure out how to stop him.

iSell Penny Tees

S3 E4
Oct 2, 2010
The gang goes into business making and selling Penny-Tees. After sales go through the roof, Sam recruits 4th-graders to help make shirts. But Carly, Sam, & Freddie disagree about how to treat them.


S3 E5
Oct 11, 2010
After an iCarly fan proposes to his girlfriend live on the web show, the gang gets roped into going to the wedding. But when the bride gets cold feet, Carly must come to the rescue.

iStart a Fan War

S3 E6
Nov 19, 2010
iCarly gets invited to be guests of honor at WebiCon, but when the fans start asking questions that are too personal, things quickly gets out of hand. Spencer does battle with a costumed nemesis.

iHire an Idiot

S3 E7
Feb 12, 2011
The gang decides to hire an intern for the web series. Carly and Sam hire a guy they think is cute, but the new intern proves to be more trouble than he's worth. Freddy has to prove to Carly and Sam that they're better off without him.

iPity the Nevel

S3 E8
Mar 19, 2011
When a video of Nevel yelling at a little girl surfaces on the internet, Nevel becomes hated by everyone. After celebrating Nevel's demise, the iCarly gang then works to restore his honor after Nevel begs them for help.


S3 E9
Apr 9, 2011
The gang spends the night finishing their projects at Ridgeway during the annual school lock-in. Carly and Freddie start to suspect that Sam might have a crush on their new friend Brad.

iParty with VICTORiOUS

S3 E10
Jun 11, 2011
Carly suspects that her new boyfriend, Steven, is cheating on her with Tori Vega, so the gang plans a trip to Los Angeles to catch him in the act at a party thrown by Andre at Kenan Thompson's house.