Season 5

Episode Guide

Lucy Visits Graumans

S5 E1
Oct 4, 1955
Lucy won't leave California without taking along the cement block with John Wayne's footprints from Grauman's Chinese Theatre and hatches a plot for its removal.

Lucy And John Wayne

S5 E2
Oct 10, 1955
Lucy may be arrested for stealing John Wayne's cement footprints outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre.

Lucy and The Dummy

S5 E3
Oct 18, 1955
When Ricky refuses to entertain at a studio party, Lucy accepts in his place and lands herself a contract to entertain.

Ricky Sells The Car

S5 E4
Oct 24, 1955
Ricky sells his car, and the Mertzes think they are being stranded in California.

The Great Train Robbery

S5 E5
Oct 31, 1955
There's a jewel thief on the train they're taking cross-country and Lucy intends to catch him.


S5 E6
Nov 7, 1955
Everyone treats Ricky like a big celebrity upon his return from Hollywood.

Face to Face

S5 E7
Nov 15, 1955
Ricky's agent sets up a TV interview of the Ricardos in their home but doesn't think their apartment is good enough.

Lucy Goes to The Rodeo

S5 E8
Nov 29, 1955
Ricky has a scheduling mix-up, and finds that he finally needs Lucy's help with his act.

Nursery School

S5 E9
Dec 5, 1955
Lucy must find a way to break some rules in order to be with Little Ricky for his overnight hospital stay.

Ricky's European Booking

S5 E10
Dec 13, 1955
Ricky and Fred are going on a European tour but can only bring their wives they can raise money for their own expenses.

The Passports

S5 E11
Dec 19, 1955
Because Lucy can't produce her birth certificate, which she needs to get a passport for the upcoming trip Europe, she must somehow prove she was born.

Staten Island Ferry

S5 E12
Jan 2, 1956
Fred's seasickness may spoil the trip to Europe.

Bon Voyage

S5 E13
Jan 17, 1956
Fred, Ethel and Ricky are sailing for Europe when it's discovered that Lucy is still on the dock.

Lucy's Second Honeymoon

S5 E14
Jan 23, 1956
Lucy schemes to get Ricky away from his band duties aboard the ship so that they can spend some romantic time alone.

Lucy Meets The Queen

S5 E15
Jan 30, 1956
Ricky is meeting the Queen of England and Lucy is not invited.

The Fox Hunt

S5 E16
Feb 6, 1956
Lucy goes on her first fox hunt in order to keep an eye on Ricky and a beautiful actress.

Lucy Goes To Scotland

S5 E17
Feb 20, 1956
Lucy dreams of visiting the Scottish village of her ancestors but it becomes a nightmare involving a two-headed dragon.

Paris At Last

S5 E18
Feb 27, 1956
Lucy wants to discover an unknown talent in Paris but she winds up meeting a con artist instead.

Lucy Meets Charles Boyer

S5 E19
Mar 5, 1956
Lucy engages someone who looks like Charles Boyer to convince Ricky that she is not interested in the French actor, not realizing that it is actually Boyer.

Lucy Gets A Paris Gown

S5 E20
Mar 19, 1956
The guys want to teach their wives a lesson in Paris fashion.

Lucy In The Swiss Alps

S5 E21
Mar 26, 1956
The Ricardos and Mertzes become snowbound in the Swiss Alps.

Lucy Gets Homesick

S5 E22
Apr 10, 1956
Lucy wants to make a transatlantic phone call to Little Ricky but Fred is trying to save money.

Lucy's Italian Movie

S5 E23
Apr 16, 1956
Lucy soaks up plenty of local color when she tramples grapes to get into the mood for a role in an Italian movie.

Lucy's Bicycle Trip

S5 E24
Apr 23, 1956
Lucy is not allowed to cross the French-Italian border because she can't find her passport.

Lucy Goes To Monte Carlo

S5 E25
May 7, 1956
Lucy's accidental windfall at the casino starts trouble between the Mertzes and the Ricardos.

Home From Europe

S5 E26
May 14, 1956
On the flight home from Europe, Lucy disguises a 30-pound hunk of cheese as a baby in order to avoid an extra baggage charge.