Season 3

Episode Guide

The Girls Go Into Business

S3 E1
Oct 12, 1953
After watching two women walk out of a local dress shop with $200 in purchases, Lucy and Ethel decide to buy the shop and go into business for themselves.

Lucy and Ethel Buy a Dress

S3 E2
Oct 20, 1953
Lucy and Ethel show up to a talent show performance wearing identical dresses.

Equal Rights

S3 E3
Oct 26, 1953
Lucy and Ethel insist on equal rights in their households, and wish to be treated as if they were men.

Baby Pictures

S3 E4
Nov 3, 1953
The Ricardos make a resolution not to brag about their son, but Lucy can't resist.

Lucy Tells the Truth

S3 E5
Nov 9, 1953
Ricky, Fred, and Ethel don't believe that Lucy could go one day without telling a lie.

Lucy Has Her Eyes Examined

S3 E6
Nov 13, 1953
Lucy makes a crazy attempt at a jitterbug audition even though her vision is impaired.

The French Revue

S3 E7
Nov 17, 1953
Lucy tries to crash Ricky's French revue playing at the Tropicana as a lamp, a bass fiddle, and as a chorus girl.

Redecorating the Mertzes' Apartment

S3 E8
Nov 23, 1953
Spying Lucy's new mink stole, Ethel complains about how shabby her apartment is.

Too Many Crooks

S3 E9
Nov 30, 1953
Lucy is suspected of being the mysterious woman burglar, Madame X.

Changing the Boys' Wardrobe

S3 E10
Dec 8, 1953
Lucy and Ethel hatch an ingenious plot to update their husband's wardrobes.

Ricky's Old Girlfriend

S3 E11
Dec 21, 1953
The Ricardos and Mertzes take a marriage quiz.

The Million Dollar Idea

S3 E12
Jan 11, 1954
Out of money, and in need of a million dollar idea, Lucy goes into the business of selling salad dressing.

Ricky Minds the Baby

S3 E13
Jan 18, 1954
While the Tropicana is closed for repainting, Ricky offers to give Lucy a week's break and take total responsibility for the care of Little Ricky.

Charm School

S3 E14
Jan 25, 1954
Ethel and Lucy are upset that Ricky and Fred don't seem interested in them.

Sentimental Anniversary

S3 E15
Feb 1, 1954
Lucy and Ricky want to celebrate their anniversary themselves, with a quiet dinner at home. The Mertzes plan a big surprise party for them.

Fan Magazine Interview

S3 E16
Feb 9, 1954
Lucy and Ricky are expecting a visit from a fan magazine writer who's doing a piece on happily married couples.

Oil Wells

S3 E17
Feb 15, 1954
The gang buys oil stock from new neighbors who claim to be Texas oil tycoons.

Ricky Loses His Temper

S3 E18
Feb 23, 1954
Ricky tries his hand at a little psychology to overcome Lucy's mania for buying hats.

Home Movies

S3 E19
Mar 2, 1954
When Ricky makes a film and succeeds in selling it to a producer, Lucy decides to get into the act by producing a western.

Bonus Bucks

S3 E20
Mar 8, 1954
Lucy and Ethel clash over who owns a dollar worth $300.

Ricky's Hawaiian Vacation

S3 E21
Mar 23, 1954
Lucy wants to go to Hawaii and wangles her way onto a television game show to win the trip.

Lucy Is Envious

S3 E22
Mar 29, 1954
In an attempt to compete with her wealthy friends, Lucy pledges $500 (that she doesn't have) to charity.

Lucy Writes A Novel

S3 E23
Apr 5, 1954
Lucy wants to be a published author after hearing about another housewife who made a fortune doing it.

Lucy's Club Dance

S3 E24
Apr 13, 1954
Lucy forms an all-women band but needs Ricky's help to make them sound presentable.

The Black Wig

S3 E25
Apr 19, 1954
Lucy decides to try a new look, despite her husband Ricky's objections.

The Diner

S3 E26
Apr 26, 1954
Ricky becomes interested in a diner that is for sale so the Ricardos and the Mertzes all buy it together.

Tennessee Ernie Visits

S3 E27
May 3, 1954
Lucy's mother writes to ask if she and her husband "Xavier" would be so kind as to entertain "a friend's roommate's cousin's middle boy, Ernest" when he visits New York.

Tennessee Ernie Hangs On

S3 E28
May 11, 1954
A houseguest overstays his welcome and the Ricardos concoct a scheme that ends up making them look like country hillbillies.

The Golf Game

S3 E29
May 17, 1954
Golf pro Jimmy Demaret visits Lucy and Ethel on the green to show them how the game is really played after they're misled by Ricky and Fred.


S3 E30
May 25, 1954
Ricky books a two-month summer job in Maine and decides to take Lucy and Little Ricky.