Season 4

Episode Guide

The Business Manager

S4 E1
Oct 4, 1954
Lucy's business savvy outsmarts the Ricardos' new money manager and she makes a killing in the stock market.

Mertz and Kurtz

S4 E2
Oct 12, 1954
Lucy dishes out large servings of faux pas when she pretends to be a maid.

Lucy Cries Wolf

S4 E3
Oct 18, 1954
Lucy cries wolf once too often and Ricky ignores her bogus plea for rescue.

The Matchmaker

S4 E4
Oct 25, 1954
Lucy plays matchmaker, but the Ricardos' 'perfect' marriage fails to impress their unmarried guests.

Mr. And Mrs. Television

S4 E5
Nov 2, 1954
Lucy's business savvy outsmarts the Ricardos' new money manager and she makes a killing in the stock market.

Ricky's Movie Offer

S4 E6
Nov 9, 1954
Lucy almost ruins Ricky's chance for a film career and mistakes a talent scout for a burglar.

Ricky's Screen Test

S4 E7
Nov 15, 1954
Cameras roll for Ricky's Hollywood screen test, but when the director calls "action," Lucy takes the cue.

Lucy's Mother-In-Law

S4 E8
Nov 23, 1954
Lucy can’t understand her Spanish-speaking mother-in-law, so she secretly hires a translator to feed her some dialogue.

Ethel's Birthday

S4 E9
Nov 29, 1954
Lucy gets into hot water when she tries to help Fred buy Ethel a birthday present.

Ricky's Contract

S4 E10
Dec 7, 1954
Lucy enlists the help of the Mertzes to distract Ricky, and the drastic steps taken by the trio boomerang into a king-sized headache for them all.

Getting Ready

S4 E11
Dec 14, 1954
The Ricardos prepare for their cross-country road trip to Hollywood and the Mertzes decide that they will accompany them.

Lucy Learns To Drive

S4 E12
Jan 3, 1955
Ricky is persuaded to teach Lucy how to drive a car.

California Here We Come

S4 E13
Jan 11, 1955
The Ricardos' and Mertzes' road trip to California may not happen when Lucy's mother arrives and tells them she wants to go too.

First Stop

S4 E14
Jan 18, 1955
When Lucy takes over the driving, she takes a detour and gets the gang stuck at a tourist trap.

Tennessee Bound

S4 E15
Jan 25, 1955
The Ricardos and Mertzes wind up in jail in Bent Fork, Tennessee, and Cousin Ernie returns in their lives to break them out.

Ethel's Home Town

S4 E16
Feb 1, 1955
The Ricardos and Mertzes go through Ethel's hometown where everyone thinks she is the big Hollywood star.

LA At Last

S4 E17
Feb 7, 1955
Lucy has a disastrous encounter with William Holden and must later disguise herself when Ricky invites him over to meet her.

Don Juan And Starlets

S4 E18
Feb 14, 1955
Ricky's rendez-vous with five starlets is enough to make Lucy consider divorce!

Lucy Gets in Pictures

S4 E19
Feb 22, 1955
Lucy gets her big break in showbiz but does she have the grace to pull it off?

The Fashion Show

S4 E20
Mar 1, 1955
A charity fashion show is Lucy’s chance to perform and score a designer suit.

The Hedda Hopper Show

S4 E21
Mar 15, 1955
Lucy takes a dive in an effort to further Ricky's career by creating a big splash in Hedda Hopper's Hollywood column.

Bullfight Dance

S4 E22
Mar 22, 1955
Lucy gets a part in television, only to be cast as a bull.

Don Juan Is Shelved

S4 E23
Mar 21, 1955
Lucy learns Ricky's movie will not be released and launches a campaign to keep her husband in Hollywood.

Hollywood Anniversary

S4 E24
Apr 5, 1955
Ricky forgets his anniversary again and gets caught in a devilish scheme.

The Star Upstairs

S4 E25
Apr 19, 1955
Star-struck Lucy plots with a hotel bellhop to meet Cornell Wilde, who is seeking some much-needed rest in the same Hollywood hotel.

In Palm Springs

S4 E26
Apr 25, 1955
Due to simultaneous marital tiffs in the Ricardo and Mertz households, Lucy and Ethel take off on a girls-only vacation to Palm Springs.

Dancing Star

S4 E27
May 10, 1955
Lucy throws herself at Van Johnson and asks to be his dance partner, when he accepts they waltz across the ballroom and impress all of Lucy's friends.

Harpo Marx

S4 E28
May 3, 1955
Lucy, impersonating stars for her nearsighted friend, dresses up as Harpo Marx who just happens to be visiting himself.

Ricky Needs An Agent

S4 E29
May 16, 1955
Lucy impersonates Ricky's agent and almost ruins his career.

The Tour

S4 E30
May 30, 1955
When Ricky refuses to introduce her to actor Richard Widmark, Lucy decides the next best thing is to steal a grapefruit from his property.