Season 1

Episode Guide

The Girls Want to Go to A Nightclub

S1 E1
May 13, 1952
For the Mertzes' anniversary, the guys want to go to the fights and the women want to go to a nightclub.

Be A Pal

S1 E2
May 13, 1952
Lucy thinks Ricky is losing interest in her and takes Ethel's advice on spicing up their marriage.

The Diet

S1 E3
May 13, 1952
Lucy wants a part in Ricky's nightclub act, but must lose twelve pounds in four days.

Lucy Thinks Ricky Is Trying To Murder Her

S1 E4
May 13, 1952
After becoming too involved in a murder mystery book, Lucy believes that Ricky is trying to murder her.

The Quiz Show

S1 E5
May 13, 1952
When Lucy is months behind in paying the bills, she decides to go on a radio show to win $1,000.

The Audition Show

S1 E6
May 13, 1952
Lucy decides she must impress talent scouts in order to get into show business.

The Séance

S1 E7
May 13, 1952
Lucy gets superstitious with the daily Horoscope.

Men Are Messy

S1 E8
May 13, 1952
Lucy tries to teach Ricky to be tidy around the house.

The Fur Coat

S1 E9
May 13, 1952
Lucy thinks a mink coat that Ricky rented for a dance number at the club is actually her anniversary gift.

Jealous of the Girl Singer

S1 E10
May 13, 1952
Upon reading a gossip column story, Lucy and Ethel believe the Ricardos' marriage needs saving.

Lucy Thinks Ricky has Been Drafted

S1 E11
May 13, 1952
Ricky and Fred are going to do a show for the Army troops at Fort Dix.

The Adagio

S1 E12
May 13, 1952
Lucy decides to try out for a job as an Apache dancer in Ricky's show.

The Benefit

S1 E13
May 13, 1952
Lucy resorts to her womanly wiles to get Ricky to sing at a women's club benefit.

The Amateur Hour

S1 E14
May 13, 1952
Lucy is forced to take a job baby-sitting twins and gets more than she bargained for.

Lucy Plays Cupid

S1 E15
May 13, 1952
Lucy's neighbor Miss Lewis has a crush on Mr. Ritter, the local grocer but is too shy to invite him to dinner.

Lucy Fakes Illness

S1 E16
May 13, 1952
Lucy fakes amnesia in her efforts to break into show business.

Lucy Writes A Play

S1 E17
May 13, 1952
Desperate about her failed attempts to become an actress, Lucy decides to write a play to get into show business.

Breaking The Lease

S1 E18
May 13, 1952
Lucy and Ricky's late night singing almost breaks both a lease and some friendships.

The Ballet

S1 E19
May 13, 1952
Lucy tries ballet as her way to get into show business.

Young Fans

S1 E20
May 13, 1952
The eternal love triangle turns into a square as two young romantics fall for Lucy and Ricky.

New Neighbors

S1 E21
May 13, 1952
Lucy thinks the new neighbors are plotting a murder.

Fred and Ethel Fight

S1 E22
May 13, 1952
Lucy tries to reunite the separated Mertzes after they had a big fight.

The Mustache

S1 E23
May 13, 1952
When Ricky refuses to shave off a new mustache, Lucy glues one on her own face but can't seem to get it off.


S1 E24
May 13, 1952
The boys and girls bet each other breakfast in bed for a month that they can't stop gossiping.

Pioneer Women

S1 E25
May 13, 1952
Lucy and Ethel are challenged to try to live without modern conveniences.

The Marriage License

S1 E26
May 13, 1952
When Lucy discovers a mistake on their marriage license, she makes Ricky recreate the whole courtship and ceremony.

The Kleptomaniac

S1 E27
May 13, 1952
Lucy is the chairman of a bazaar for her club, but doesn't tell Ricky.

Cuban Pals

S1 E28
May 13, 1952
When Ricky's old dance partner from Cuba comes for a visit, Lucy is jealous of the girl who has grown into a beautiful woman.

The Freezer

S1 E29
May 13, 1952
Lucy and Ethel must unload a walk-in freezer full of beef before the guys find out.

Lucy Does A TV Commercial

S1 E30
May 13, 1952
Lucy angles her way onto Ricky's special as the show's pitch girl. She advertises a medicine called "Vitameatavegamin."

Publicity Agent

S1 E31
May 13, 1952
Lucy pretends she's foreign royalty who has traveled far to see Ricky perform.

Lucy Gets Ricky On The Radio

S1 E32
May 13, 1952
After Ricky plays a practical joke, Lucy is convinced that he is a genius and gets him on a quiz show.

Lucy's Schedule

S1 E33
May 13, 1952
After Lucy causes them to be late for dinner with Ricky's new boss, he puts her on a tight schedule.

Ricky Thinks He's Getting Bald

S1 E34
May 13, 1952
Lucy tries to convince Ricky that he is not losing his hair.

Ricky Asks For A Raise

S1 E35
May 13, 1952
After Ricky loses his job when he asks for a raise, Lucy comes up with a plan to demonstrate to his boss how important he is.