Season 5

Episode Guide

Danger Things

S5 E1
Oct 8, 2018
Piper is taken by a creature from another dimension. Captain Man and Kid Danger must rescue her from the Evil Science Corporation that opened the portal.

Flabber Gassed

S5 E2
Oct 20, 2018
After acting too confident before a fight, Kid Danger & Captain Man are sprayed with Flabber Gas making them powerless to defeat a new villain in Swellview. Schwoz puts our heroes in Exo-Suits which Charlotte and Jasper control.

Henry's Birthday

S5 E3
Nov 3, 2018
While trying to celebrate his birthday, Henry keeps getting interrupted by crimes going on in Swellview.

Whistlin' Susie

S5 E4
Nov 10, 2018
After activating an atomic bomb in the Man Cave, Ray and Henry decide to drive it out into the Swellview desert in order to save the city that they protect.

The Great Cactus Con

S5 E5
Nov 24, 2018
Jasper gets the chance to take his crush to Cactus Con. When a mysterious villain gets involved the entire gang is forced into action! Guest Star: Ariel Martin

Part 1: A New Evil

S5 E6
Jan 5, 2019
Henry is trapped at home with his family while Captain Man heads out along to save the founder of TwitFlash. Meanwhile, Charlotte and Schwoz put together a mystery that could change the world forever.

Part 2: A New Darkness

S5 E7
Jan 12, 2019
After a criminal steals Kid Danger's superpower and learns his secret identity, goons are sent to Henry's house to attack. While Henry and Ray fight to protect Henry's family, Jasper, Charlotte and Schwoz work to get his power back.

Part 3: A New Hero

S5 E8
Jan 19, 2019
Schwoz works to create an anti-virus to stop an evil plan while Kid Danger and Captain Man battle a villain. Kid Danger's heroism is put to the ultimate test as they fight to save the world.

Broken Armed and Dangerous

S5 E9
Jan 26, 2019
When Kid Danger publicly breaks his arm, Henry and the gang have to find a way to keep his secret safe.

Knight & Danger

S5 E10
Feb 2, 2019
When the Knight Squad's arch enemy, Ryker, is unleashed on Swellview, Kid Danger and Captain Man take him down to Burger Castle only to be tricked into joining forces with the villain. Guest Stars: Owen Joyner, Daniella Perkins, Geno Segers

Grand Theft Otto

S5 E11
Feb 16, 2019
Piper's school parrot, Otto, starts to repeat "Henry is Kid Danger." Henry and Jasper have to stall until Ray, Charlotte, and Schwoz can find a way to fix things.

The Whole Bilsky Family

S5 E12
Feb 23, 2019
Henry's nerves are put the test when Piper invites her new boyfriend and his family over for dinner.

Secret Room

S5 E13
Mar 2, 2019
Captain Man reveals a "Crimefighters Only" room in the Man Cave. Jealous, Charlotte, Jasper and Schwoz make a cooler room to show them up. As the gang fights over who gets the better room, things get blown out of proportion.

My Dinner with Bigfoot

S5 E14
Mar 9, 2019
When the gang befriends Bigfoot in the woods, Kid Danger and Captain Man try to help get rid of a pesky hunter that's been trying to capture him.

Charlotte Gets Ghosted

S5 E15
Mar 16, 2019
Schwoz invents a vacuum to help Henry clean his house but it accidentally sucks Charlotte inside. When Henry's family hears Charlotte they think the vacuum is haunted. Ray must distract them while Henry finds a way to get her out.

I Dream of Danger

S5 E16
Mar 23, 2019
When Charlotte has a dream where she nearly kisses Kid Danger, she actively tries to avoid Henry for fear of the dream coming true.

Holey Moley

S5 E17
Jun 15, 2019
The gang thinks they have found the perfect tunnels to access all of Swellview, until they are confronted by the tunnels' original inhabitants.

Love Bytes

S5 E18
Jun 22, 2019
Things get a little buggy when Schwoz installs a new operating system on the Man Cave Computer designed to detect and eliminate threats all over Swellview.

Double-O Danger

S5 E19
Jun 29, 2019
Kid Danger and Captain Man attempt to capture Mob Boss Rob Moss by infiltrating his daughter's the sweet sixteen birthday party.

Massage Chair

S5 E20
Jul 13, 2019
When Captain Man shows up with a cool new massage chair, Henry, Charlotte, and Jasper compete in a series of physical and mental challenges to see who wins the chair.

Henry Danger: The Musical

S5 E21
Jul 27, 2019
When Frankini uses a device to put a musical curse over Swellview, Kid Danger and Captain Man are forced to find a way to stop him. But when Captain Man cracks under the pressure, it's up to Kid Danger to remind him how to be a hero again.

Sister Twister Part 1

S5 E22
Sep 21, 2019
Packages are being stolen from Swellview porches. Henry and Ray setup a stakeout in an attempt to catch the thief red-handed.

Sister Twister Part 2

S5 E23
Sep 28, 2019
When Ray's memories accidentally get erased, Schwoz devises a plan to send Henry deep inside Ray's brain to get them back.

A Tale of Two Pipers

S5 E24
Oct 5, 2019
Henry gets an unexpected visitor claiming to be from the future. When a boy-robot killing machine steps onto the scene, The Gang must find a way to save everyone from an apocalyptic future.

Story Tank

S5 E25
Oct 12, 2019
Big steaks are on the line when Henry claims he can't be scared. Schwoz uses a machine that allows Henry to virtually experience the spooky stories that everyone in the Man Cave tells him in an attempt to prove Henry wrong.

Captain Mom

S5 E26
Nov 2, 2019
Captain Man is being a baby about having a baby. Labor pains leave him helpless so Kid Danger and Piper step up to take on a couple of slick grease thieves.

Visible Brad

S5 E27
Nov 9, 2019
Captain Man and Kid Danger are going to need a little bit of magic and some help from an old friend if they want to catch a thief.

EnvyGram Wall

S5 E28
Nov 16, 2019
Captain Man and Kid Danger are guarding Swellview's newest attraction, the EnvyGram Wall, when Captain Man destroys the wall while trying to eliminate a small bird. Kid Danger and Captain Man have to figure out a way to replace it.

Holiday Punch

S5 E29
Nov 30, 2019
A new species of moth is eating all the Christmas trees in Swellview, so Captain Man and Kid Danger head over to Neighborville to buy more. On the way back they're attacked by shady tree dealers and have to fight to save Christmas.

Mr. Nice Guy

S5 E30
Jan 11, 2020
A vigilante in a smiley-face mask has been punishing Swellviewians for being rude in public. Kid Danger and Captain Man's investigation leads them to the TV set of Mr. Wallabee, a local TV celebrity who hosts a show for kids.

Theranos Boot

S5 E31
Jan 18, 2020
Henry and the other kids destroy Ray's prized movie prop, The Theranos Boot. To replace it, Henry and Jasper travel to an alternate universe Man Cave using Bill Evil's inter-dimensional transporter and steal their Theranos Boot before Ray finds out.


S5 E32
Jan 25, 2020
Captain Man, sick of fighting the same old villains, is convinced to make a profile on a match making app for heroes and villains. Kid Danger agrees to do the same and two of them set up a double-fight to square off with some new villains.

Cave the Date

S5 E33
Feb 1, 2020
Henry and the gang set up a secret underground restaurant in the Man Cave for Charlotte's private dinner with music superstar Jack Swagger. When word gets out that Jack Swagger is in town, some unwanted guests crash the party.

Escape Room

S5 E34
Feb 8, 2020
Kid Danger and Captain Man are tricked into entering an escape room by a factory owner with a "chip" on his shoulder. They are trapped inside with two new kids, Mika and Miles, who are oddly good at solving the puzzles they need to answer to get out.

Game of Phones

S5 E35
Feb 15, 2020
When a young girl chains herself outside of Junk-N-Stuff, Kid Danger and Captain Man are forced to help find her beloved phone. While on a stakeout, they unexpectedly run across some familiar faces with a devious plan they weren't prepared for.

The Beginning of the End

S5 E36
Feb 29, 2020
Kid Danger reveals to Captain Man that he doesn't want to be stuck in Swellview and be his sidekick forever. To make matters worse, Kid Danger is recruited by another town to be their hero.

Captain Drex

S5 E37
Mar 7, 2020
Captain Man's old sidekick and nemesis, Drex, returns from the past with an army of cavemen to finish off Captain Man once and for all. Kid Danger may be the only one who can save Captain Man now.

The Fate of Danger: Part 1

S5 E38
Mar 14, 2020
Kid Danger and his friends try to figure out how to get Captain Man back from the past, while Drex furthers his scheme to erase Swellview's memory of Captain Man forever.

The Fate of Danger: Part II

S5 E39
Mar 21, 2020
Kid Danger and Captain Man battle Drex on top of a blimp to stop him from erasing Swellview's memory of Captain Man. But when the blimp aims straight for the Swellview Baby Hospital, one hero must stay behind to save the day.