Season 3

Episode Guide

One Wrong Move

S3 E1
Jun 5, 2010
The SRU team must dismantle bombs set throughout the city by an eco-terrorist group, and a member of the team sacrifices his own life to save the lives of many others.

Never Let You Down

S3 E2
Jun 12, 2010
When a delusional man kidnaps a waitress with an uncanny resemblance to his missing daughter, the SRU team uses a different tactic to try and talk him out of hurting her. Meanwhile, a woman joins the unit after the death of one of the team members.

The Farm

S3 E3
Jun 19, 2010
The team must stop a cult leader from killing all his followers after they run across a young woman holding up a convenience store who resurfaced 15 years when she was taken in by the leader.


S3 E4
Jun 26, 2010
When a woman kidnaps her two young children in order to keep her husband from getting custody of them, the SRU sweeps in and takes control of this dangerous situation to try to bring the children back safely to their father.

Coming To You Live

S3 E5
Jul 3, 2010
After hearing on the radio that a talk show host is holding a prominent politician hostage as revenge for a murder he thinks the man committed years ago, the SRU team races to rescue the politician by talking the host out of killing him live on-the-air.

Behind the Blue Line

S3 E6
Jul 10, 2010
When a highly-trained sniper sets booby traps and shoots someone at a city landmark that's in the process of being demolished, the SRU team is called in to identify him.

Just A Man

S3 E7
Jul 11, 2010
When a prison riot breaks out, two civilians are trapped inside and held hostage by the man they helped put away after he killed their father.

Unconditional Love

S3 E8
Jul 17, 2010
When a young man is held hostage by a captor who carjacked a woman with a baby in the car, the SRU team is called on to figure out how to get in without hurting the baby.

The Good Citizen

S3 E9
Jul 24, 2010
When a local man viciously fights back against drug dealers who vandalize the bar he patronizes, the SRU team wonders if he's a concerned citizen or has another motive.

You Think You Know Someone

S3 E10
Jul 31, 2010
When Parker is taken hostage by meth dealers who have mistaken his identity, the SRU team jumps into action to try to find him.

Severed Ties

S3 E11
Aug 7, 2010
When a woman kidnaps two young girls, the SRU's wonder why she zeroed in on these children.

Follow the Leader

S3 E12
Aug 14, 2010
When two brothers get caught up in a white supremacy group that is planning a terrorist attack, one of the brothers rethinks his involvement.

Whatever It Takes

S3 E13
Aug 21, 2010
When a high school athlete is kidnapped and beaten, the SRU's wonder why he would threaten suicide after they attempted to rescue him.

The Other Lane

S3 E14
Sep 4, 2010
When the team is called to investigate gun shots in a fancy neighborhood, they are confronted with a group of dangerous gunrunners, one whom happens to be Ed's brother.

Jumping At Shadows

S3 E15
Sep 11, 2010
A 911 dispatcher does not believe a young girl who says an intruder has entered the house. Gun shots are fired and when the SRU's arrive, they find her mother shot and the girl abducted.

Acceptable Risk

S3 E16
Sep 18, 2010
In the wake of a museum gala shooting spree, the SRU's actions and judgments are called into question; however, the investigator seems to be focusing on Sgt. Parker in particular.