Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

The Rescuers

S1 E1
Jun 30, 2021
Around the world, dogs are coming to the rescue, searching for survivors when disaster strikes, sniffing out wildlife traffickers, and providing vital support to people with disabilities. Join us as we learn the touching and inspirational stories of service dogs, anti-poachers, search and water rescuers and other four-legged heroes. Then see them in action as they use their powerful sense of smell, strength, stamina, and unwavering loyalty to rescue endangered animals and people in crisis wherever and whenever they're needed.

The Lifesavers

S1 E2
Jul 07, 2021
Across the globe, dogs are saving the lives of passengers, families, and endangered wildlife, thanks to their remarkable natural abilities. In this episode, we watch Border Collies chase birds away from a South African airport to prevent potentially dangerous aircraft strikes. Then we head to Britain, where a Sprocker Spaniel uses her sense of smell to help rebuild the declining water vole population. Meanwhile in Namibia, an Anatolian Shepherd pulls double duty, protecting a goat herd from cheetahs...and cheetahs from livestock farmers.

The Partners

S1 E3
Jul 14, 2021
In every corner of the world, dogs form meaningful partnerships with people, working together in times of trouble, solving problems, and helping us conquer our greatest fears. In this episode, we meet extraordinary dogs as they lend a paw to those in need, including a Golden Retriever that helps a U.S. veteran ease her PTSD issues through surfing, a search and rescue team that responds to major disasters at a moment's notice, and a Chocolate Labrador that boosts young students' self-esteem at a school in the U.K.

The Protectors

S1 E4
Jul 21, 2021
Dogs have a natural instinct to love, nurture, and protect and when it comes to caring for people, watching over wildlife, or defending endangered species, these four-legged guardians are eager to lend a paw! In this episode, we meet Gracie, a Border Collie who protects humans from wild animals and wild animals from humans at Glacier National Park, then travel to Kenya, where Diego, a Belgian Malinois, guards the rhinos at Ol Pejeta Conservancy. We also travel to Philadelphia, where a Labrador named Iris helps the visually impaired go jogging.

The Scent Detectives

S1 E5
Jul 28, 2021
Dogs are born with an incredible sense of smell, and sometimes, we call upon these superpowers to help prevent ecological disasters, prevent the decline of endangered animals, and even sniff out a rare culinary delicacy. Join us as we follow canine detectives on the Canadian frontier working to stop the advance of invasive zebra mussels, on the Western Cape to rescue geometric tortoises, and into the private woods of Washington to track down an aromatic fruiting fungus that's more expensive than gold: truffles.