Season 9

Episode Guide


S9 E1
Oct 03, 2010
The CSI team loses one of their own when a psychotic genius runs wild in Miami.

Sudden Death

S9 E2
Oct 10, 2010
When a bottle girl is murdered at an exclusive club, Horatio must search through Miami's most elite guest list to find her killer.

See No Evil

S9 E3
Oct 17, 2010
A young girl is kidnapped and the CSIs' only witness is a blind man who heard the abduction, leading Horatio to an old nemesis.


S9 E4
Oct 24, 2010
When the killer of Horatio's wife busts out of prison and goes on a rampage, the CSIs must determine what he's after and find him before he strikes again.

Sleepless In Miami

S9 E5
Oct 31, 2010
When a man claims to have dreamed of a murder before it happened, Horatio must send Natalia undercover for the team to determine if he's crazy, psychic, or just plain guilty.

Reality Kills

S9 E6
Nov 14, 2010
When a reality star is murdered, the CSIs investigate the cast, the obsessed fans, and the stars' hidden pasts to find the killer.

On The Hook

S9 E7
Nov 21, 2010
When a fisherman narrowly escapes death, the CSIs have to dodge bullets to keep him alive and find out who's after him.

Happy Birthday

S9 E8
Dec 05, 2010
When a pregnant woman is assaulted, Horatio and the team fight for her and her baby's life while tracking down her attacker.

Blood Sugar

S9 E9
Dec 12, 2010
After a sugar refinery explodes, the CSIs make a shocking discovery about one of the factory's employees.

Match Made in Hell

S9 E10
Jan 02, 2011
When the investigation of a dead millionaire leads the CSIs to an elite dating service, Ryan poses as a wealthy businessman to expose the matchmaker's lies.


S9 E11
Jan 09, 2011
When a fire hydrant washes away all of the evidence at a crime scene, the CSIs must recreate a very bizarre double murder.

Wheels Up

S9 E12
Jan 16, 2011
When the CSIs investigate a murder at a roller derby match, the only thing shorter than the girls' skirts are their tempers.

Last Stand

S9 E13
Feb 20, 2011
Miami is ablaze with crime and chaos when Memmo Fiero, Horatio's wife's killer, returns to take control of the city.

Stoned Cold

S9 E14
Feb 27, 2011
The CSIs try to figure out which nerd took revenge when a high school bully is stoned to death.

Blood Lust

S9 E15
Mar 06, 2011
When a woman narrowly escapes death at the hands of a serial killer, Horatio will do anything to track down the psychopath.

Hunting Ground

S9 E16
Mar 13, 2011
The CSIs uncover an exclusive hunting club where the prey is human.

Special Delivery

S9 E17
Mar 20, 2011
When a delivery truck driver and a housewife on his route are murdered, the CSIs try to find their connection.

About Face

S9 E18
Mar 27, 2011
An escaped prisoner takes Natalia hostage and tells her a shocking secret about his crimes.


S9 E19
Apr 10, 2011
Horatio protects a mixed martial arts fighter from his brother who recently escaped prison.

Paint It Black

S9 E20
Apr 17, 2011
When the CSIs find a co-ed dead in a hot tub, they investigate a case marked by jealousy, psychosis and college roommates.


S9 E21
May 01, 2011
When Horatio chases down a mysterious murder suspect, he discovers that the man's entire life is an elaborate charade.


S9 E22
May 08, 2011
After Horatio finally captures the last prison escapee, their transport plane crash lands, and the CSIs discover this fugitive has more planned than just a getaway.