Season 8

Episode Guide

John Heffron

S8 E1
Jan 30, 2004
John Heffron explains the difference between women and video games, then laments his diminishing sex life.

Dat Phan

S8 E2
Jan 31, 2004
Dat Phan talks about his Asian-American upbringing, taunting his Vietnamese mother and what it likes being in interracial relationships.

D.C. Benny

S8 E3
Feb 6, 2004
D.C. Benny shares dentist horror stories and describes the worst things about riding the subway in New York City.

Frank Caliendo

S8 E4
Feb 7, 2004
Frank Caliendo serves up a wide range of impressions, including George W. Bush, John Madden and Scooby-Doo.


S8 E5
Feb 13, 2004
Retta talks about the reliably bad customer service at McDonald's and the amazing sex life of lions.

Kevin Hart

S8 E6
Feb 14, 2004
Kevin Hart explains why being a newlywed is rough, learns that driving a big truck won't make him taller and talks about his mother's go-to answer for when things go wrong.

Eddie Gossling

S8 E7
Feb 20, 2004
Eddie Gossling describes a misguided alien abduction and the stinginess of Episcopalian priests.

Jimmy Shubert

S8 E8
Feb 20, 2004
Jimmy Shubert gives his take on frog licking, office rage and stoic fish.

Vanessa Hollingshead

S8 E9
Feb 27, 2004
Vanessa Hollingshed talks about unrealistic beauty standards, performing for the troops and why her curly hair is like a drug addict living on top of her head.

Carlos Alazraqui

S8 E10
Feb 27, 2004
Carlos Alazraqui explains that being the Taco Bell dog isn't an aphrodisiac, that Americans are just cocky teenagers and that there's not such thing as "honorable combat."

Doug Benson

S8 E11
Mar 5, 2004
Doug Benson offers his marijuana-infused perspective on "The Vagina Monologues" and describes his efforts to be a more relatable comedian.

Mike Birbiglia

S8 E12
Mar 6, 2004
Mike Birbiglia discusses the struggles of trying to lose weight, the dating world and drinking in a laundromat.

Tom Cotter

S8 E13
Mar 12, 2004
Tom Cotter talks about his Irish and Scottish heritage, drinking too much on a plane and the changing lexicon of English.

Bob Oschack

S8 E14
Mar 18, 2004
Bob Oschack explains why marriage in L.A. is like a drug, why babies are better than lazy friends and why New York needs the south more than the south needs New York.

Demetri Martin

S8 E15
Mar 19, 2004
Demetri Martin believes having a stutter is a good thing, thinks drunken backseat drivers are dangerous and explains why he avoids escalators.

Vince Morris

S8 E16
Mar 26, 2004
Vince Morris discuss his dad's propensity for smoking in the dark, his annoyance with mispronunciations and the subjectivity of the English language.

Gene Pompa

S8 E17
Mar 27, 2004
Gene Pompa talks about getting typecast as a Latino criminal, reflects on his Southern California upbringing and describes how he spices up his sex life.

Greg Giraldo

S8 E18
Apr 2, 2004
Greg Giraldo lays out solutions for many of life's problems, including how to solve a reindeer shortage, how to raise fireproof children and how to treat the elderly.

Dwayne Perkins

S8 E19
Apr 9, 2004
Dwayne Perkins compares living in New York City to living in L.A., gives dating advice to men and explains what it likes to visit Africa as a black man.

Jimmy Dore

S8 E20
Apr 10, 2004
Jimmy Dore describes the kinds of tattoos librarians might have, recalls attending Catholic school and reveals his attraction to Jude Law.

Tig Notaro

S8 E21
May 14, 2004
Tig Notaro describes nonsensical SkyMall items, wonders what her cat is thinking and learns about cultural sensitivity from Barbies.


S8 E22
May 15, 2004
Michael Showalter, Michael Ian Black and David Wain of Stella recite Irish limericks, demonstrate New England accents and describe a perfect summer day.

Paul Mecurio

S8 E23
May 21, 2004
Paul Mercurio is still poor enough that finding $10 is a big deal, thinks God is passive agressive and believes there's nothing more humbling than a full-length mirror.

Clinton Jackson

S8 E24
May 22, 2004
Clinton Jackson talks about finding things to say to his cat, why he's too childish to be a father and why a black circus ringmaster isn't exactly a civil right hero.

Paul Gilmartin

S8 E25
May 28, 2004
Paul Gilmartin explains why a terrorist attack in Vegas would go unnoticed, why footie pajamas make kids feel invincible and why he'd believe Hall & Oates over the Bible.

Rudy Rush

S8 E26
May 29, 2004
Rudy Rush talks about the struggles of dating, compares how men and women deal with breakups and explains why he never went to his parents for help with math homework.

Cory Kahaney

S8 E27
Jun 11, 2004
Cory Kahaney discusses the drawbacks of being married to an ethical lawyer, her skepticism of yoga's spiritualism, and the tactless way men ask for morning sex.

Scott Kennedy

S8 E28
Jun 12, 2004
Scott Kennedy talks about not fitting the gay stereotype, opening for male strippers and watching reality cop shows.