Season 7

Episode Guide

Gabriel Iglesias

S7 E1
Feb 7, 2003
Gabriel Iglesias acknowledges his resemblance to Shrek, pranks his troublemaking friend and uses a roller coaster to determine which of his pals is the biggest.

Bill Burr

S7 E2
Feb 14, 2003
Bill Burr gripes about office cubicles, explains why he could never marry an older woman for money and describes what he loves about spell-check.

Bruce Bruce

S7 E3
Feb 21, 2003
Bruce Bruce expresses his love for white people, waxes poetic about glazed doughnuts and describes his unsual family tree.

Jackie Kashian

S7 E4
Feb 28, 2003
Jackie Kashian explains her hatred for salespeople and reveals why she needs to play violent video games.


S7 E5
Mar 7, 2003
Earthquake complains about Alabama's staggering heat, explains why marriage is rough and objects to the rising cover charges at church.

Paul F. Tompkins

S7 E6
Mar 14, 2003
Paul F. Tompkins explains why he knows more about jazz and balloon shopping than anyone else.

Carol Leifer

S7 E7
Mar 21, 2003
Carol Leifer unveils the secrets of making love to a woman and explains near-death experiences.

Laura Kightlinger

S7 E8
Mar 28, 2003
Laura Kightlinger shares the keys to performing stand-up comedy and gives tips for hanging up on your mother.

Jake Johannsen

S7 E9
Apr 4, 2003
Jake Johannsen explains why there's no Victoria's Secret for men and reveals that dogs have perfect-sized brains.

Patrice O'Neal

S7 E10
Apr 11, 2003
Patrice O'Neal discusses the importance of creating a paper trail, Americans' arrogance and why he couldn't kill his own food.

Otis Lee Crenshaw

S7 E11
Apr 18, 2003
Otis Lee Crenshaw and The Black Liars perform songs about the loneliness of work, the musical charms of women, and life in prison.

Freddy Soto

S7 E12
May 2, 2003
Freddy Soto reflects on growing up Latino and shares the Mexican home remedy for athlete's foot.

Ron White

S7 E13
May 9, 2003
Ron White talks about his wealthy in-laws, describes being thrown out of a bar in New York City and admits to being a cowboy who doesn't like to hunt.

Charlie Viracola

S7 E14
May 16, 2003
Charlie Viracola wants to create his own planet where masturbation at the post office is allowed, George W. Bush isn't and toes aren't considered pre-existing conditions.

Jeff Stilson

S7 E15
May 23, 2003
Jeff Stilson talks about his love of televised sports, recounts the miracle of childbirth and weighs the pros and cons of married life.

Sheryl Underwood

S7 E16
May 30, 2003
Sheryl Underwood weighs in on problems in Catholicism, explains why she likes George W. Bush and talks about the struggles of dating.

Dwayne Kennedy

S7 E17
Jun 6, 2003
Dwayne Kennedy reflects on post-9/11 racial tensions, weighs in on changing demographics and empathizes with Osama bin Laden.

Eddie Brill

S7 E18
Jun 13, 2003
Eddie Brill breaks down post-9/11 New York City, thinks Ted Kennedy is invincible and explains why all religions deserve respect.

David Feldman

S7 E19
Jun 20, 2003
David Feldman explains how his daughters made him a feminist, compares the effects of different drugs and rails against sex education in schools.

Robert Hawkins

S7 E20
Jul 4, 2003
Robert Hawkins talks about Army life, traveling the world and bad haircuts.

Joey Kola

S7 E21
Jul 11, 2003
Joey Kola weighs in on modern fatherhood, can't figure out funding for space and lists the only four things men want in life.

Jeff Dunham

S7 E22
Jul 18, 2003
Jeff Dunham consults his pal Walter about marriage, questions Melvin the Superhero's abilities and helps Peanut the Woozle figure out where he is.

Daniel Tosh

S7 E23
Jul 25, 2003
Daniel Tosh finds a new use for cargo pants, tricks people at the airport and describes his idea for a new game show.

Gregg Rogell

S7 E24
Aug 1, 2003
Gregg Rogell describes the benefits of riding a specific subway line in New York City and laments his lack of incentive for quitting smoking.

Wayne Federman

S7 E25
Aug 15, 2003
Wayne Federman learns about sarcasm in New York City, explains why the carpool lane discriminates against lonely people and describes a distracting Kiss concert.

Tracy Smith

S7 E26
Aug 22, 2003
Tracy Smith is thankful she's never won the lottery, wants to give her younger self dating advice and hates competing for men.

Arnez J.

S7 E27
Aug 29, 2003
Arnez J. reflects on 9/11, talks about getting overmedicated at dental surgery and explains why men should roleplay for their women.

Rich Vos

S7 E28
Sep 5, 2003
Rich Vos shares stories about hellish travel destinations and his daughter's attractive teacher.