Season 13

Episode Guide

Kurt Metzger

S13 E1
Jan 8, 2009
Kurt Metzger discusses Ben & Jerry's versus Haagen-Dazs, New York City's rich culinary scene and how to handle STD test anxiety.

Doug Benson

S13 E2
Jan 9, 2009
Doug Benson justifies his love of keeping his socks on during sex, his hatred of imagined Famous Amos knockoff cookies and his adoration of marijuana.

Anthony Jeselnik

S13 E3
Jan 16, 2009
Anthony Jeselnik discusses the best Christmas present, relationship needs and drawing the line at paying his grandma's ransom.

Brian Scolaro

S13 E4
Jan 17, 2009
Brian Scolaro discusses the ways he might die, his evasive approach to weight loss and what makes a good waiter at an Italian restaurant.

Jasper Redd

S13 E5
Jan 23, 2009
Jasper Redd compares the KKK to Elmer Fudd, explains his aversion to flatscreen TVs and shares an idea for making car horns more intense.

Rob Stapleton

S13 E6
Jan 23, 2009
Rob Stapleton reminisces about growing up in New York City, describes the difference between black and white cookouts, and explains how to stealthily order drugs.

Tommy Johnagin

S13 E7
Jan 30, 2009
Tommy Johnagin discusses the standard for a successful marriage, ineffective Kama Sutra moves and having a mother who constantly worries.

Jamie Lissow

S13 E8
Jan 31, 2009
Jamie Lissow bemoans the struggles of living in New York City, reminisces about his days on the high school wrestling team and explains why he's not a fan of magicians.

Dan Levy

S13 E9
Feb 6, 2009
Dan Levy talks about meeting Justin Timberlake at the gym, being high at a historical landmark in Amsterdam and how young people would react to being drafted into the war.

Joe DeRosa

S13 E10
Feb 6, 2009
Joe DeRosa talks about his experience performing for juggalos, describes what moms should look like and reveals the ugly truth about weddings.

Pete Lee

S13 E11
Feb 13, 2009
Pete Lee talks about the Metallica stickers on his sewing machine, describes the best tough-guy nicknames and shares his love for revenge.

Rebecca Corry

S13 E12
Feb 13, 2009
Rebecca Corry imagines what it would be like if bank tellers acted like rock stars, shares her desire to date a guy like Jesus and poses an incredibly difficult math problem.

Greer Barnes

S13 E13
Feb 20, 2009
Greer Barnes talks about scuba diving in Australia, reporting suspicious packages on the subway and answering his girlfriend's bizarre questions.

Red Grant

S13 E14
Feb 21, 2009
Red Grant talks about ugly babies, bad drivers and making decisions in the grocery store checkout line.

Eddie Ifft

S13 E15
Feb 27, 2009
Eddie Ifft compares the prices of oil and printer ink cartridges, talks about traveling in Amsterdam and explains why drugs should be legal for the elderly.

Chris Porter

S13 E16
Feb 28, 2009
Chris Porter talks about marrying young, the difficulties of texting and people who honk their horn in traffic.

Jimmy Carr

S13 E17
Mar 6, 2009
Jimmy Carr explains what makes Britain so great, sets the mood for his philosophical musings and wonders why sex is always better in a hotel.

Erin Foley

S13 E18
Mar 7, 2009
Erin Foley discusses meeting people at the gym, realistic Taco Bell commercials and vegan cookbooks.

Greg Warren

S13 E19
Mar 13, 2009
Greg Warren talks about working at Denny's, the difficulties of switching tables at a restaurant and the reason he quit the Army.

Tom Rhodes

S13 E20
Mar 14, 2009
Tom Rhodes explains why Oprah Winfrey should be the pope, questions Christians who are on low-carb diets and talks about losing a boxing match.

Josh Blue

S13 E21
Mar 26, 2009
Josh Blue discusses his new hairdo, being drug tested for the Paralympic Games and meeting his wife's parents for the first time.

Bo Burnham

S13 E22
Mar 27, 2009
Bo Burnham serenades his audience with tales of sexual confusion, high school hookups and every other source of human awkwardness.

John Mulaney

S13 E23
Apr 3, 2009
John Mulaney gains a new perspective on adulthood and reveals what he's learned from watching way too many episodes of "Law & Order."

Kristen Schaal

S13 E24
Apr 4, 2009
Kristen Schaal takes comfort in making her audience as uncomfortable as possible with wedding proposal rejections, runaway birds and terrifying historical sex dreams.