Season 3

Episode Guide

Jeremy Hotz

S3 E3
Jun 21, 2000
Jeremy Hotz discusses cheating at Battleship, describes the horrors of men's locker rooms and shares his feelings about his nose.

Dane Cook

S3 E4
Jun 28, 2000
Dane Cook knows what everyone is thinking at the DMV, considers the consequences of teleportation and imagines the invention of giving someone the middle finger.

Kathleen Madigan

S3 E5
Jul 5, 2000
Kathleen Madigan describes how she spends her excessive amount of free time and shares her thoughts on alien abductions.

Jim Gaffigan

S3 E6
Jul 12, 2000
Jim Gaffigan thinks Mexican food is a conspiracy, talks about the dramatic advantage of wearing glasses and explains why it's difficult to date without drinking.

Dom Irrera

S3 E7
Jul 19, 2000
Dom Irrera gives his take on his shrinking grandmother, the perils of honesty and partying with Irish people.

Ralph Harris

S3 E8
Jul 26, 2000
Ralph Harris reveals just how gross women can be and explains his secret desire to be handcuffed.

Stephen Lynch

S3 E9
Aug 2, 2000
Stephen Lynch sings about his first sexual experience, getting wasted with his best friend and a new breed of superheroes.

Greg Giraldo

S3 E10
Aug 9, 2000
Greg Giraldo gives his no-holds-barred take on disgusting strip clubs, American idiocy and his wife's first pregnancy.

Don "D.C." Curry

S3 E12
Aug 25, 2000
Don "DC" Curry offers some sage advice on raising kids and dealing with dysfunctional family members in this stand-up special.

Johnny Sanchez

S3 E13
Sep 1, 2000
Johnny Sanchez deals with the challenges of being both a third-generation immigrant and a short guy looking for romance.

Brian Regan

S3 E14
Sep 8, 2000
Brian Regan discusses the serving size of Fig Newtons, weird food combinations and the effectiveness of his yoga workout routine.

Judy Gold

S3 E15
Sep 15, 2000
Judy Gold describes her unusual "Law & Order" gig and puts her chronic nasal problems to good use.

Arj Barker

S3 E16
Sep 22, 2000
Arj Barker looks back on the golden age of smoking, opens up about his terrifying long-distance relationship and describes an enlightening trip to Ireland.