Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

The Death Railway

S1 E1
Jun 20, 2017
Discover the shocking story of the construction of WWII's Death Railway from some of the Allied POWs forced to build it.

Ambulance Trains

S1 E2
Jun 27, 2017
From ambulance train to cutting-edge mobile hospital, see how the railway industry saved lives for over a century of war.

Nazi Railway

S1 E3
Jul 4, 2017
From a mobile command headquarters for Hitler to the trains that carried out mass murder, track the history of the Nazi railway.


S1 E4
Jul 11, 2017
See how the efficiency of railways in WWI led not to a speedy victory but to the interminable horror of trench warfare.

WWII The Home Front

S1 E5
Jul 18, 2017
Track the vital role British trains played during World War II, through firsthand accounts and rarely seen footage.

Critical Cargo

S1 E6
Jul 25, 2017
Hop aboard and hear the stories of four rail journeys that changed the course of WWII, the Russian Revolution, and more.

The First Railroad War

S1 E7
Aug 1, 2017
From Bull Run to the Petersburg Campaign, see how trains affected and defined the American Civil War.

Secrets and Lies

S1 E8
Aug 8, 2017
From Lawrence of Arabia to Winston Churchill, discover stories of railway espionage and sabotage in times of war.